Best Friend

Women: Large nylon tote - iguana greenWomen: Large nylon tote - strawberry
Women: Large nylon tote - rublo taupeWomen: Large nylon tote - true black knit

I love all things preppy. LL Bean’s classic boat totes are de riguer for me as much as Hervé Chapelier might be for others. No matter which side you like your bread buttered, they are ostensibly very similar. Stenciled cut, squared off, and formatted in colors one would find on a Pantone chart. Great staples. I would like to welcome a third partner with a 21st century twist into the mix. From the Gap, this tote looks to be a product of a brainstorm from an ingenue who got together with her sophisticated femme of a mentor who got together with a modernist. Utilitarian at its core, it succeeds in incorporating summer playfulness, thus making it convertible from office file bag to summer beach or picnic bag to boarding the next catamaran to Catalina Island. So, so, so, incredibly affordable for under $35.00. In durable nylon with two charming bows that tie at each side, it’s perfect to hold everything for every kind of occasion.