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Design Your Own Handbags

Clover Company has come up with a
new way for crafters to make and design their own handbags - plastic templates instead of paper patterns! So far there are 2 different templates - The City Collection (6 handbag designs) and The Town & Country (6 handbag designs).

Town & Country Collection

The designs available for the Town & Country Collection include the Suburban Bag, the Suburban Plus Bag, the Metro Bag, the Metro Plus Bag, the Cosmo Bag, and the Cosmo Plus Bag.

Designs available for the City Bag Collection are the Portfolio Bag, the Portfolio Plus Bag, the Savvy Bag, the Savvy Plus Bag, the Chic Bag, and the Chic Plus Bag.

City Bag Collection

Henrietta's Handbags is now offering these 2 templates for only $19.95 with free shipping in the USA and Canada.

D&G Dolce&Gabbana's mustard 'Emy' bag


It's gorgeous, no? I'm not entirely sure about the colour, but the shape and the details are just beautiful. In fact, I'm yearning here.

I love it so much that I'm thinking £585.00 isn't *that* expensive, for such a lovely bag. (I know it is really. It is. Isn't it?) Get it from my-wardrobe.com.

The camera bag

Jille_photo_bag-1720 copy.jpg

Lucy Hedges writes...

The fundamental purpose of this rather tasty 14-inch bag is to transport your photo taking equipment around. I'm not talking compact digitals (they can handle being flung into the pits of your bag for transportation), no, this bag is for your big and bulky DSLR and SLR cameras

Gucci Large Tote bags

I feel bad writing bad things about Gucci. Sure, their Cruise collection…ain’t cute. To put it mildly. But I already wrote about the bag I liked least, so now I want to give them a fair shake and write about the bag I like best. I’m guessing it wasn’t the bag I was supposed to notice, but I quite enjoy the Gucci Sukey Large Tote. Sure, it’s not revolutionary. It’s just a canvas tote with some cream leather trimming the famous Gucci monogram fabric. Maybe a bit played out? Sure. Logo bags aren’t nearly what they used to be. But still, compared to the other Cruise offerings, this tote is entirely unoffensive and beautiful in its lack of adornment (particularly its lack of odd tattoo-like adornment). For a Gucci bag, it’s price is relatively low, and I’ve always loved the cream leather combined with their signature fabric, although I’m not sure why it stick out to me. The shape is nice, it’s entirely functional, and it’s not at all ugly. Buy through Saks for $850.