The Kyle Tote

Well it is that time again…time to find a new fall bag. I have to admit when I first started thinking about what kind of bag I wanted to get I pictured the beautiful leather bags by Kooba and Rebecca Mikoff. But I just can’t do anymore…I can’t carry around a heavy leather bag. Maybe it is fine if you live/work in the burbs and your main walk is from the car to the parking lot inside, but I have to stand on a crowded subway for 30min each morning and I need to be comfortable and carry a light weight bag.

The Kyle Tote caught my eyes a couple months ago when I was visiting the Fifth Ave store. Nylon and lightweight: check! Its also super big with some great pockets that would be perfect for carrying all my crap. Any what really makes this bag stand out from the crowd is the contrasting patent leather details and the nickle hardware. I also like the two different straps, which almost make it seem like two different bags.

I’m now checking the Cole Haan web site daily *hoping* for a sale…