Celine Blossom Tote bags

Here is a bag that looks way better being walked around, it has a total young hip vibe if you dress it down and maybe even a little frayed (I don't do ripped jeans but that's the idea). As a matter of fact, this strategy is a great way to fight the recession. You get a really great bag like this, or another one that is slightly serious (but it has to be classic) and you dress like a bum and voila you are now super model Agyness Deyn. Although the price of this might be counter indicative to my plan. It has a really cool engineered look with the chunky hardware, which I normally do not like, but it is working for me because it isn't all over and the balls make it feminine, whereas if they were nuts and bolts a la Zac Posen then it isn't. The tote is an essential so it should stay classic but it also needs to have a presence and this one definitely makes you take notice.

YSL Muse Travel Bags

The Muse is as hot as ever and although it already came in an oversize size, this is taking it to the next level as a travel bag. And I'm sure some girls will use it as an everyday bag. It's always those tiny girls who love the big bags! Go figure. I love this travel edition, but only as a concept and fantasy because for me, anything that weighs more than 10 lbs needs wheels. And it's 24"W X 14"H, to give you an idea of how big that is, 24" is approximately the width of my refrigerator! It is also in Buffalo, which means this thing weighs a ton empty. I guess it is great for overnighters or car trips so if someone did want to get this for me for Valentine's or my birthday, I would be a very happy and appreciative wife ;-) However, if you're serious, make sure to take a closer look at my Valentine Wish List, which also acts as my Birthday Wish List =) I am having issues with the price though, not sure if $2295 is a smart investment for a bag that will be thrown around and thrashed. And if you have to be all careful and precious, it just makes traveling more stressful and who needs that?

Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Patent Baguette bags

For all you gals facing extreme winter weathers, I feel for you all and hope that warmer days approach your way soon. Designer handbags sporting bright bold colors are popping up everywhere, and if your not spring/summer ready yet, here is something extra fun brought to you by Giuseppe Zanotti, meet the multicolor patent convertible baguette. Just like a brand new tub of fruit Sorbet ice cream, the hues found on this bag are just as admiring. As I keep on gazing at this piece, I am definitely tempted to make an evening drive for a cup of sorbet, although I’m not sure if I’m craving this handbag myself. Somehow, I find this baguette to be a bit too flashy for my taste, and that’s coming from a person who owns two Vuitton Multicolore handbags… (Strange, I know)! If this were a bit muted, say with a neutral background, I’d probably consider it; then again as I obtain a visual thought of that, I’m not sure if it would look as great after all. Ladies, what’s your input on this baguette…fun or too juvenile? Measuring in at 9” x 5” x 2”.

Fendi Python Baguette Bags

Is this just a waste of perfectly good python? I don’t know, maybe it is me, but something doesn’t seem right here. The Fendi Python Baguette Bag uses gorgeous python but also uses too many colors. Or maybe not? I am thinking that you would have to wear a very very very simple outfit with this handbag. I will say that if you do wear, perhaps, your favorite little black dress, this handbag could be a gorgeous accent. Yet, I fear that upon closer inspection, the bag is still a miss. The shoulder bag has detachable straps and gold hardware. So, help me out here (but ignore the price, for this help), what do you think about this bag? And now to the gasp factor, the price.

Chloe Paraty Python Pre-Order bags

If you missed out on this bag last time around, here is another opportunity to order the Chloe Paraty Python bag at Saks.com-- $3,850.

I know, I know, really pricey-- even for python but what can you do? This is a hot bag and probably won't make it to sale. If you're feeling guilty, let me put it in perspective for you: 7,000 people were laid off from Macy's yesterday and more companies are expected to follow suit because people are no longer buying. So if you have the cash, go for it.

On another note, have you guys noticed how expensive everything seems to be lately? Balmain is peddling $2700 shoes and $2600 tank tops and Balenciaga has a pair of $870 flat summer sandals. It's almost like a "Let them eat cake!" attitude that designers are taking right now. But hello, with most of the fabulous and trendy out of work, who is going to buy this stuff?

What do you think of the ridiculous prices of late?  

Swarovski Embark Tote Bags

So someone over at Swarovski headquarters had a rather odd idea when it came to a new handbag design. They really took the concept of compact and portable to a whole new level. Imagine a wallet-size cloth article, containing a zip pouch and an exterior transparent pocket to insert pictures in. Surrounding your picture of choice would be a collage of sparkly Swarovski crystals… how cute, right? Personally, I won’t be adding this to my wish list, but maybe my senior neighbor who holds a passion for canvas totes with pictures would be delighted by this piece. So it’s called the Embark Tote Bag for a reason since you can unzip this compact piece and out unfolds a parachute cloth tote, how neat is that! Well, this concept isn’t so new to the world of portability, hence the invention of the compact umbrella and the pocketsize raincoat, but in the world of handbags this is definitely … different. Tan hued body with fluorescent pink trim is the only version available at the moment and finding this piece on the sales rack indicates that this wasn’t as cool as it was intended to be.

Prada Pitone Pietre Shoulder Bags

Prada, haven’t we had this discussion before? The one about sticking random crap on bags? I feel like we have. And I just saw the Prada Pitone Pietre Shoulder Bag, so it looks like we’re going to have to have it again. I won’t say that I would have loved the bag without the random stones affixed to it; it would have been a fairly boring, small snakeskin handbag, and one that wouldn’t have been worth the money that I’m sure you would have been asking for it. At 16″ wide, you could have done so many more interesting things with that much python. It creates a beautiful pattern on its own, and there’s no need for you to obscure it with some ill-advised bedazzling. So, Prada, please stop and think the next time the urge to glue stuff to your bag strikes.

Jimmy Choo Christy bags

Yes, it is a hairy coconut or worse, whatever nasty image your mind can handle. This clutch made entirely of metal and chains is the most ill conceived piece of work I have ever seen. I get that fringe is in but fringes are only appealing (which they're not but let's pretend) because they are wispy and will move around softly with you. Metal however does not have those qualities and unless you are hiding piranhas in that thing, there is no other reason for it. Metal is also heavy and apparently a rare commodity because this clutch is $4550. Even if you're ok with that, what about what it looks like? How do I say this politely? Um, there are certain anatomical parts on a man that frankly I can do without EVER seeing much less have it replicated in a larger form using material that is prickly and looks even more scraggly. And then what? I prance around town with it in my hand? No thanks. You must pre-order at Jimmy Choo. And who the heck is Christy? I'd hate to be the muse for this one.

Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bags

Sometimes I don’t really want to carry an identifiable handbag. Not only have obviously-logo’d bags become a bit outre in some circles, but sometimes it’s just hard to play keep-up, don’t you think? The problem is that once you get used to carrying designer bags, you can’t really go back - you’re used to the great leather (oh, the smell of wonderful leather!), the beautiful linings, the attention to detail. The stench of PVC and cheap nylon linings just don’t do it for you. So when you want to fly under the radar but still carry something fabulous, what do you do? You carry something like the Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bag. It’s from a smaller but still storied line whose logo isn’t immediately obvious to the average person, but you know that Givenchy wouldn’t make a bag that was anything short of fabulous. The chain handles give a small touch of bling, but the real attraction I’m feeling here is the totally touchable off-white leather that makes up most of the bag. Don’t you just want to feel it? Everyone else will, too - but they won’t know why.

Dior Bee Tote bags

It has been a while since a Dior bag has made me stop to fancy it. I am a mom so I love totes, I have to make sure I have room for dolls and games, sometimes even entire Lego buildings. This Bee Tote has the classic cannage criss cross stitching but just on the side, which makes all the difference in the world. If it were all over, suddenly you have a major old lady bag. The loose pocket in the front is so carefree and casual, it makes it so it doesn't feel like the Dior your mom has. The slouchy shape also takes me away from that boxy square quilted tote that I cannot stand! And the name is so vibrant and youthful, I imagine myself zipping around with this. It's perfect for travel, the front pocket for boarding pass and the adjustable straps to accommodate for the coat that you have to wear cuz you'll need a whole 'nother suitcase just for it. It comes in 2 sizes, the medium is 16.5" x 12.5" for $1850 and the large is 19" x 17" for $1990. The red is the perfect shade you want - deep, rich and not too bright. The taupe is also really pretty with just a hint of sheen if you need to be more subdued.

Marc Jacobs Locket Pocket Big Tote bags

As my fellow blogger Viva pointed out in a recent post, compact and portable designs are not new to the world of accessories. Although it doesn’t seem to be as common when it comes to tote bags, I have been seeing different versions of the collapsible tote popping up here and there. Well it seems now that good ol’ Marc has joined in on the act. Introducing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Locket Pocket Big Tote. It’s a large canvas tote that you could use for just about anything really. Personally, I think it would be great for a trip to the beach or a day of shopping at a farmers’ market. The bag has a sturdy leather bottom and a curious-looking leather tab on the side. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the tab was for. It has a turnlock closure on it, but it’s not a pocket. Interestingly enough, it turns out that the tab can be used to secure the collapsed tote into a neat little package. This tote is probably a bit too casual for most people to use as a regular handbag. But I think it would make a great “emergency” tote that you could keep handy, just in case you find yourself in need of a tote bag to carry stuff in. And, of course, it would make a really cute beach bag!

Kathy van Zeeland Pretty Pleats handheld tote bags

What a sophisticated looking bag. It's from one of Kathy van Zeeland's new collections and is available in two colours: bronze and black. The bronze will surely brighten up the day whilst the black patent looks glossy and slick. The pretty pleat detailing adds the extra wow factor.

If you need a bag with loads of space this is big enough for all your bits and bobs, plus a zipper at the front for your small stuff. The double handle strap makes the bag easy to hold, but if you prefer shoulder bags you can attach the detachable strap onto the bag. Love it!

Lambertson Truex Spring 09

For most of you, winter is in full force. Our friends in Ohio rubbed in our face that they had a snow day at Ohio State yesterday, which is literally unheard of at The Ohio State University. Vlad is flying up to Ohio tomorrow for his bachelor party and will have to embrace the frigid temperatures, but I am perfectly content laying on our roof top deck for the weekend and soaking up the Florida winter weather, which is hovering around 80 degrees and sunny.

Spring is on the northerners minds and I am always looking for the new collections of bags. One of our favorite design duos out of NYC is Richard Lambertson and John Truex from Lambertson Truex. We got to play with three different Spring 09 bags which are all showing off beautiful natural ring lizard. Per usual, the bags are meticulously designed and these three clutches are all perfect additions to your handbag collection. Vlad and I have a mini but growing LT bag collection (we never shared our November purchases with you!). What I love about LT bags is their timelessness. Season after seasons their bags will remain wearable, current, and stylish. 

Bandana Bags

I walked by the Fendi section at Neiman Marcus the other day and saw these bags in multiple sizes. I didn't even blink. This is, after all, Fendi-- and I have come to expect no less than absolutely atrocious and hideous bags from the line.  I barely flinched as I examined the bags and tossed them back on to the display shelves where they will certainly stay until Last Call. 

I'm almost thinking that this is a licensing deal with Crayola; you know, as in you provide the crayons, we'll color it in.  Fendi Forever bag at Saks.com $895

For your entertainment-- here is another ridiculous bag from Fendi that I found on a Chinese blog.  Apparently Fendi is in an arts and crafts mood for 2009.  At Fendi boutiques worldwide.  Jump to see enlarged photo.

Lanvin Ou La La Clutch bags

Ou La La! That’s actually the name of this clutch, and I can clearly see why. French couture brand Lanvin, presents to us something that makes me want to dress up really bad, just so I could accessorize with this pretty. The choice of anthracite on satin is excellent, as I imagine how versatile it would be among different colors of evening wear. I’m really digging the dark elegant look yet there’s that nice feminine touch of florals and silk ribbon present. About the cluster of jewels found right up front, what’s not to love about them? Its design is stunning, pleasant, and something I wouldn’t want the gems to fall off of! Lanvin really kept the typical evening woman in mind by adding quick and functional features such as a magnetic flap top closure for easy access to your essentials and an internal vanity mirror intended for quick touch-ups via your own clutch (yay)! Measuring in at 10” x 6” x 2”, you can find this pretty up for grabs for $1,575. Definitely steep, but oh so pretty! Ladies, what’s your input on this clutch, and would you wear this?

Miu Miu fuchsia stamped leather purses

Just seeing the vibrant fuchsia colour of this purse is enough to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day, so can you imagine the joy which would come with the ownership of such a beautiful little treasure?

Perfect for housing the most important things in your life (you know, cards of credit, Switch, loyalty/discount and so on), you will get a cheesy grin spreading across your face every time you have to reach in your bag for this little baby - that's almost a guarantee. 

Rebecca Minkoff Devote Belted Top Tote handbags

Holy poop, y’all. I love this bag. The Rebecca Minkoff Devote Belted Top Tote is, in a word, awesome. For me, at least. It’s a big ol’ hobo, made of great leather, in a bright color, with understated accents and JUST ONE STRAP. A lot of designers lately have succumbed to the urge to add an extra, longer strap to handbags that already have a perfectly functional one, and Ms. Minkoff didn’t do that to this great bag. For that, I salute her, and I just may have to get one of these babies. This shape is my favorite of all time - a hobo that’s slightly taller than it is wide with a giant opening at the top - all the better to dig through when my Blackberry has fallen to the bottom. That’s one thing this bag doesn’t appear to have that I wish it did - an outside pocket for holding my phone and iPod. But I guess we can’t have everything we want, can we, ladies?

Chloe Ring Around Hobo VS Jimmy Choo Saba

If you like the Saba, which I do but if you are having the same resistance to the price that I'm dealing with, you should consider the See by Chloe Ring Around Hobo. OK, fine, it's not the same and I do not believe in look-a-likes and knockoffs but this is more of a similar look and feel rather than an exact copy. What I love about the Saba is the super loose hobo shape, which the See by Chloe has. The bracelet rings, it is a bit too close for comfort - that is the only part about the similarity that really bothers me. I can actually do without them but then again, without them, the bag is a basic blob. As you can tell, I am not totally sold but this is just an example of how you can get the same type of look from a real designer without throwing down the big bucks. Last season the Saba went to 30% off, which was not enough, maybe this season it'll be 75% off like with everything else these days. Both at Saks Fifth Avenue, See by Chloe Ring Around Hobo for $595 and Jimmy Choo Saba Animal Hobo for $2195.

Chloe Kathleen Shoulder Bags

Is it just me? Or is Navy Blue making a comeback in the world on handbags? Chloé certainly seems to think so! Meet the Kathleen Shoulder Bag! Now no offense to anyone out there, but for some reason I used to always associate navy with grandma. Why? Well, for some reason my grandma liked to carry around a navy handbag that matched her navy shoes that matched her navy belt that matched her… well, you get the picture. But you know what, I’m actually starting to warm up to the whole navy handbag thing. It can be such a pretty color, like a clear night sky in the summer time. However, for a bit of a modern twist, I would pair this handbag with black accessories (as seen on the model). As for the gold hardware, I think it looks marvelously chic with this color. What a great bag to wear to the office when you’re just not in the mood for the usual black or brown handbag! If you’re interested, you can find the Chloé Kathleen Shoulder Bag at *NET-A-PORTER.COM*, where it retails for $1,695. The price is a bit steep, but it certainly isn’t anything unusual when it comes to Chloé handbags.

Vanessa Bruno Square Shoulder Bags

I like what I am seeing here. There is nothing over the top or too extravagant about this handbag, but again, I like what I see. The Vanessa Bruno Square Shoulder Bag is one that I would like to swing onto my arm as I head out for the day. For starters, the color is simply gorgeous. Turquoise is a color that could be hard to work with, especially with such a large bag like this, but everything comes together nicely here. The turquoise leather, gold-tone hardware, square shape and buckle fastening pockets work fabulously together. I am definitely the kind of girl who loves looking for something a little different and a tad edgy. I think this handbag hits the spot. I don’t usually carry large handbags when I go out in the evening, but with this handbag in toe, I could make an exception. And like I’ve said so many times, I love a handbag that can be paired with several outfits.

Violet May Phone Wallets

What are the two things we can't live without? Credit card and smart phone, of course! This fabulously chic phone wallet from Violet May accommodates both with this silver python print design. It holds everything so you pretty much can just take this and head out the door. It fits the iphone, Blackberry or Google G1. Now that I can get emails on my phone, I really don't need to sit in front of my desk anymore. Which is why I am off to the gym and nail salon! Is it Friday yet or what? At Violet May for $331.50, also comes in gold python or the plain lambskin, which is on sale for $148.75, but the metallic is so much nicer!

Marc Jacobs Christy Bags

The Marc Jacobs Christy Bag has been around for awhile now. Hiding in the shadows, it seems as though it is often overlooked as people admire Marc’s more well-known creations. But the Christy Bag, in my opinion, has some good potential. It is more of a classic-looking bag, not unlike the Blake or the Multi-Pocket Hobo. What I like most about it is it’s slouchy shape and simple magnetic top closure. I also love, love, love the little pushlocks securing the zippers on the front pockets (Good ol’ Marc and his fascination with pushlocks!). The Marc Jacobs Christy Bag offers a look that is both chic and versatile, perfect for everyday use. This bag is currently available in Black polished calfskin leather. It measures approximately 14″ x 11″ x 5″. And the price? It’s actually not too shabby for a Marc Jacobs Bag.

The Tan Leather Saddle bags

I want this bag so much I'm mentally calculating how little food I need to survive. It's the Tan Leather Saddlebag, £285 from Russell and Bromley.

So classic, so stylish and so so useful! I know it'll go with everything in my wardrobe - and yours too. Maybe we could all club together and share it?! 

Alexander McQueen Neon Panel Clutch bags

 Over the weekend, my mom, sister and I were working on songs that we want the DJ to play at our wedding. I actually love 80’s and early 90’s music. I specifically remember telling my mom when I was little that I would always listen to the ‘current’ music, never to the oldies, and be the coolest grown-up. I have already failed at that I guess. But there is something about the neon colors of the 80’s that is entirely electrifying.

I have no use for the Alexander McQueen Neon Panel Clutch and it would be worn for dress up occasions, but a small part of me looks at it and says Rock On! This clutch sports every aspect of the 80’s that we typically think of in our minds; neon, geometric shapes, patent leather, and totally out there. For the next 80’s themed party, if you have a budget that is sky high, I would totally suggest this clutch. Otherwise, it is more of a fun piece to look at but I am not about to buy it.