Chloe Paraty bags


Remember when Chloe bags sold out before they hit the stores? The madness of the Paddington and Edith bags seem so silly to me now-- the Paddington was heavier than a new born baby when empty and the Edith was so stiff you could barely put your arm around it. Then came the Paulo Melim Andersson days; though he was only at the helm for a year and half it seemed an eternity of endless hideous bags. For a while it seemed we should write Chloe off for good but along came Hannah!  I am an optimist and am excited about Hannah MacGibbon-- just look at her! She looks like the cool best friend who pushes the fashion envelope in a good Kate Moss kinda way.  The new and improved (plus much lighter) Chloe bags sans heavy hardware is giving us a glimmer of hope for the future! 

Get your fix now of the latest Chloe darling, the Paraty.  I preferred it in python but at 30% off the leather version is a very good buy. The rolled edges give it the look of structure without stiffness and it must be seen on an actual arm to appreciate its appeal. I guess I'm still a die hard Chloe girl at heart! I am really into grass green for summer- it's neutral like brown and goes with more colors than you can imagine! Wear it with a juicy orange top or pale pink shirt and anything crispy white!  They call this the small version but at 39cmx25cm it is not so small in my book.  Was 1,125 Euro on sale for 788 Euro-- free shipping anywhere in the world!

Animal friendly handbags

I was browsing the internet for handbags – as I do - and I stumbled across Matt and Nat’s Vegan Leather handbags – and I thought to myself: “Hang on? Vegan handbags? Do they mean fake leather?” And it turns out yes. This represents their credo: Fashion forward AND vegan. I guess the difference is here that non-leather is the conscious positive choice rather than the cheaper option in production!

Well they do make you feel that it is not as the cheaper option as their handbags are the most pricey – non leather handbags I have ever seen! ^_^ Well, well, but if I understand right, they are made from Japanese paper… and they do look tasty, they have their very own original crinkly look – so here they are:
Matt & Nat's handbags

Matt & Nat Vegan Leather GRANDMASTER Bag £120
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather PORTISHEAD Bag £135
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather BAUHAUS Bag £200
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather KALI Bag £130

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No hay nada peor que no tener nada para elegir, es decir que no tengamos nada que ponernos, pero si nos paramos a pensar ¿es esto cierto?, ¿estamos seguros de ello?.
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Y aquí es donde esta el asunto, no os podéis imaginar los productos que tienen para elegir, bueno, bueno una cosa de miedo os pongo una pequeña muestra luego sí queréis os pasáis y lo veis.
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Ah! y me comentáis algo, si tenéis tiempo y os apetece.

Ah! me something, if you have time and you feel like.

Nuti Gitana Ostrich Tote bags

Nuti's PR office in Milan sent me this image today and I just had to share! What a genius use of all parts of the ostrich! The quills are most popular of course and most widely used but the ostrich leg (very sturdy) is receiving a lot of love lately from designers looking for an unique addition to their bags. The Nuti Gitana tote in bougainville (a lovely shade of violet purple) is the perfect example of how to showcase the ostrich leg without looking cheap; it is in perfect proportion to the bag and doesn't look pieced together haphazardly.

(Only 25$)LV 33 color series white handbag M40123

Lenght 45CM x Width 29CM x High 18CM Chain 20CM

(Only 20$)Chanel Black and White Shoulder strap bags

Width34cm x High23cm x D15cm shoulder strap 25cm

(Only 25$) GUCCI 09 new early spring white shoulder bag

Length 43CM x Width 15CM x High 30CM

(Only 15$)Chanel 2.55 Star Check chain shoulder Premium bags

Size:Width9CM x length24CM x High14CM Chain26CM


Carla Mancini Small Clutches bags

50% off: Carla Mancini Small Clutches!!
Spring is here, and what better way to start off the season that with a fabulous, new, colorful clutch. The Carla Mancini Small Clutch comes in three colors: fuchsia; green; and turquoise and each color is stunning for the Spring season.

In my opinion, the Carla Mancini Small Clutch looks best in fuchsia, but the other two colors are just as beautiful. My absolute favorite detail of the clutch is the twist front lock closure featured on the front of it. I love twist lock closures, and when they are featured on the exterior of a handbag, it makes the handbag look much more stylish.
Carla Mancini Small Clutches!!
Carla Mancini Small Clutches
The measurements of the clutch are 9” W x 4.5” H, which really isn’t all that bad. The clutch is ideal for days you don’t want to carry much, but you still would like to carry a stylish bag. You would be able to fit a: coin purse; compact; lip gloss; phone and perhaps a couple more small accessories.

The Carla Mancini Small Clutch can be purchased at Couture Candy for $97, which is an amazing deal. The original price of the clutch was $194, but it is now on sale for 50% off! Beautiful clutch and great price, how can you beat that? If you love this clutch I would purchase it soon, because I’m sure at the price it won’t be around for long.

Anya Hindmarch Natural Canvas Tote Bags

It has been a long while since I posted anything on Anya Hindmarch, and with good reason too. Since their boutique's closure at Ngee Ann City last year, I don't think they are available anywhere in Singapore now. However since their online site does ship internationally, one can still buy whatever they want. And one tote I've my eye on now is the Anya Hindmarch Natural Canvas Tote collection, with motifs/themes like Shopping (shown above), Fruit And Veg, Meat And Poultry, Dairy, Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

Measuring 32 cm by 36 cm, each GBP55 tote is made of heavy duty woven cotton and comes with tan leather handles. After conversion with shipping to Singapore, each tote will set you back by SGD170 or so, which ain't bad for such an adorable tote. Better yet, gather a couple of friends and share the shipping cost which will save you a little more.

Bottega Veneta Woven Travel Clutch Bags

Now that my travel plans in September to London and Paris are firm, we still got a few kinks to work out, including accommodation and looking to see if we can squeeze Edinburgh and Brussels into our itinerary. So besides doing loads of holiday research online, I am also on the lookout for a large-ass wallet, one of those where you can pack enough cards, cash and other what-nots to last 3 weeks.

With that in mind, one on my shortlist is the Bottega Veneta Woven Travel Clutch in Burnt Orange. Measuring 22 cm by 12 cm, it is large, spacious and stylish, perfect for my European jaunt. The only drawback? It costs SGD1470 or so, which is almost equivalent to my SQ air ticket. Also, while I do love the bright colour, would it also make me a walking target?

Gucci Lucy Python Clutch bags

The humble bamboo plant has always been associated with Gucci since the 1940s. A reason why the bamboo made an appearance then was also because many exotic materials were in short supply during the war years, and creativity was the order of the day. Since then it has become a firm favourite with royalty and celebrities alike. I am also a fan, so when I first spotted the Gucci Lucy Python Clutch naturally my jaw dropped. Exotic python is employed in this clutch, along with leather and suede before finally finished with gold hardware.

More importantly it also has the iconic bamboo nodes which lets you know at once this is indeed a Gucci creation, and not a Jimmy Choo for example, which has clutches that look pretty similar. Measuring 26 cm by 13 cm, this gorgeous clutch will set you back by GBP1135, or around SGD2550 or so. Not sure of the exact RRP, but I've got a feeling it will cost more to get it here.

Balenciaga Regular Coin Purses

Now that I am officially addicted to Balenciaga, what's next on my wish list? Well, besides looking into the possibility of getting the Balenciaga Work, I am also lemming for the Balenciaga Regular Coin Purse. Readers who own them tell me they are roomy and fit loads, which is always good to know. But since I am not supposed to be spending anymore on anything frivolous, I might have to find other means (legal of course) to get myself a couple (I just can't get one, they are too many luscious colours to choose from).

Marc Jacobs Croc Billfold

Just for fun I thought I'd showcase the Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc Billfold, which seems the be the 'in' thing lately. Not so much the brand, but more the pattern itself. Yes croc is officially 'in' again. Thing is, we all know real crocodile is much too expensive and beyond the reach of most, but there's nothing exorbitant about croc-embossed leather. Especially when they are just USD45 each, and no it is not a typo. From Marc's Special Items collection, I am loving the one in Blue (shown above) the most. Isn't it just perfect for the summer?

Then there's the close second, the one in Red. Much more refined, yet equally stunning.

And lastly, the one in Black most girls will be getting for their boyfriends. Heterosexual on the outside, with some colour on the inside. The one that no colleague at work will mock him for using. Get them from selected Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques in the States, London and Hong Kong.

Proenza Schouler PS1 medium leather satchel bags


This bag has been hyped to the max, but truth be told, it's fully deserving of the hype - and the want and the lust it has induced!

We checked them out back in November and decided we likey a lot, and now they're available in a variety of sizes and materials at Net-a-Porter. The one we've shown you here is a classic in the making - black leather in the medium size - and is priced at £1,180.

Chanel Christmas Accessories

Chanel indulge us with some purely decadent goodness that is geared toward the Christmas season, with some fantastic bags and accessories that deserve mention.

The revamped classic Chanel 2.55 comes along in a stunning metallic alligator version with matching dorseys… this combo does not need any futher description. Just let the breathtaking beauty settle in and see if you anything else to add after.

Chanel 2.55 Metallic Alligator Flap Bag

The Chanel Patent Double Flap Bag in beautiful, vibrant red, along with the Chanel Patent Wedge Sandals with metallic tips and CC detail are bound to steal the show. While I am not a big fan of the sandals, the bag with its chained leather strap and CC clasp atop the double flaps makes me like it even more.

Chanel Calfskin Double Flap Handbag

The slightly larger Chanel Patent Double Flap Bag comes in a metallic dark blue shade, while the Chanel Jewelry Belt with its metal, resin and pearl charms marks a wonderful addition to the fancy bag.

Chanel Metallic Double Flap Handbag

Lastly, the fine syndication between calfskin and lambskin makes this interesting Chanel Quited Shoulder Bag. The contrasting colors and the Chanel-typical quilt detail make this bag a winner in my book.

Chanel Quited Lambskin Shoulder Bag

To order these Chanel Handbags, give Chanel a ring at (800) 550-0005 - a customer rep will sure be glad to give you additional information, such as price and availability. I’d give them a call myself, but calling 800 numbers from outside the US is not possible.

Chanel Ostrich 2.55 bags

Chanel Ostrich 2.55

It has been a while since Chanel has graced us with its ubiquitous beauty. Thanks to the lovely Chanel Amour, we can always be updated on the hard to find Chanel goodies. Mixing exotic with classic, the Chanel Ostrich 2.55 has me drooling. Delicately made from supple ivory ostrich leather, this bag may be the perfect Chanel handbag to add to your collection. The 2.55, after all, is one of the most sought after bags, so if you love exotics and you love the 2.55, you may just love this bag. Inquire through your nearest Chanel boutique; retail price goes for $7,650.00.

classic Chanel bags

Chanel Classic Flap Handbag

Not two months ago, Megs came crying to me, complaining about the lack of a bigger handbag collection. According to her, Miss Purse Blog Herself should own more bags than almost every imaginable ‘it’ bag there is (including: Chloe Paddington, Fendi Spy, Damier Speedy 30, the list goes on…), so she decided to follow up on deals that were posted in the forum’s Marketplaza - and voila - scored two gorgeous new Chanel bags in excellent condition. One Chanel Classic Flap with gold hardware (pictured above) and another ‘04 Chanel in white/navy. Detailed pictures will follow once the bags reach her in NYC. Fortunately, Megs won’t have much room to complain soon. Or will she?

Chanel Charm 2.55 Handbag

Chanel Charm 2.55 Handbag Spring 2007

The trend for spring 2007 handbags will be sleek and streamlined. Karl Lagerfeld combines this spring trend with perfect charm decoration in this Chanel Charm 2.55 Handbag. On top of classic Chanel quilting are charms ranging from the word Paris to a butterfly to the classic Chanel CC. Sexy and sleek are perfect for spring. Enquire via your local Chanel boutique.

Chanel Rock & Chain Tote bags

I’ve had my eye on this Chanel Rock & Chain tote since the runway show, and it looks like it’s finally going to start filtering into stores. I have my name down on wait lists for the calfskin version, which is undoubtedly less impressive than this alligator, but also more affordable to mere mortals. Anyway, how cool is this bag? The slouchy shape and triple chain are utterly drool-worthy, and that gorgeous tiled alligator skin is making me see stars. The hardware is understated even with three Chanel straps. I love the antique look of the juncture between the straps and the bag, whatever that piece of metal might be called. The Rock & Chain can be worn over the shoulder or hand held as shown. I think it looks perfect held low like this. The bag appears to have zip closure, so for people who objected to the Cabas for that reason, this bag should be perfect! Call your local Chanel or luxury department store to put your name on the list, because these babies are gonna go FAST.

Chanel Fall bags

Chanel Fall 2007 Handbags 2

From the runway of Paris, Karl Lagerfeld brought together a complacent winter themed backdrop with a commonplace line from Chanel. From a mastermind like Lagerfeld one would expect some guts and ingenuity, but for the Chanel Fall 2007 line, the basics were kept nearby with small amounts of color splashes and outfits that are poised yet wearable. As far as the accessories go, the Chanel handbags were nothing out of the ordinary and the shoes manifested in tall boots and back buckles. The Turquoise Reissue brought a colorful twist to the line that was rather doldrum at times. Heavy and dark drawn in eyebrows were key along with frizzy crimped hair and a bib-like addition to some outfits. While not completely let-down, there is also a feeling that something was missing from the Chanel line for the upcoming season.

Chanel Fall 2007 Handbags 1

Chanel Purses

We got some exciting new SS ‘07 Chanel Purses to share with you that are now available in selected Saks 5th Ave and Chanel stores around the country. Enjoy the eye candy!

chanel-white-cotton-club-thumb.jpg chanel-naked-gold-tote-thumb.jpg

chanel-rock-chain-handbag-thumb.jpg chanel-red-patent-luxury-bag-thumb.jpg

chanel-expendable-purse-thumb.jpg chanel-denim-cabas-thumb.jpg

Chanel Croc Biarritz bags

Chanel Croc Biarritz
Image from Chanel

The buzz heard around the world came from the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. Not only was I less than impressed, but also highly annoyed that those behind the curtains and scene named that atrocious mess ‘the most expensive bag in the world’. Give me a break Mr and Mrs LV PR. And give me a bigger break to the suckers who bought it. Although only slightly edging out its “competition” in price, there is a huge buzz behind a Chanel bag that is a force to be reckoned because of its price and beauty. Feast your eyes on the Chanel Croc Biarritz, an oversized (literally huge) Chanel tote designed with black crocodile. Forbes reports that there are three of these in Chanel NYC, two in Chanel LA, and three more wandering around select Neiman Marcus locations. There is a simply understated external zip pocket with a CC silver pull and dividers on the inside. Not sure if the bag can be found anywhere now, but the Chanel Croc Biarritz deserves much more fuss and press and spotlight than the LV bag of horrors. Coming in at $43,150, this bag is sure to be exclusive not only because of the limited quantity made, but also the exorbitant price tag. Any of you get one of the eight known beauties? Wanna share?? For more information contact your local Chanel boutique or Chanel online.