The Fendi Baguette is Back Just in Time for the Sex

Talk about timing! The Sex And The City movie is being filmed in Manhattan NY as we speak (and its about time). Carrie Bradshaw’s “signature bag” the Fendi Baguette (which first came out in 1997) is making its second appearance down the Fendi runway in the Spring 2008 collection. How perfect is this? The Fendi Handbag and TV show that went hand in hand are now making a comeback together 10 years later!

Ps. I bet SJP will carry the new Fendi Baguette in the movie!

Breeze bag pattern

Anyone taking a tropical vacation or cruise this winter? This bag, in this combination of fabrics would make a fantastic travel bag!

(Above) Bag Front - Small pocket with flap perfect for your cell phone.
Large flap is actually an optional zipper pocket.
Interior has multiple pockets too!

(Below) Bag Back- back pocket perfect for your sunglasses.

Here are the specifics:
#1 Marbleous DRJ-6110 133 Gold
#2 Whispering Woods ASB-8294-201 Jewel
#3 Whispering Woods ASB-8295-201 Jewel
#4 Marbleous Swirl DRJ-8290 38 Chartreuse

Anya Hindmarch tote bags


Miss out on the eagerly anticipated Anya Hindmarch for Target collection when she sold it for UK customers on her website? Yeah, me too. But while I could easily wallow in my misery about the whole thing (or you know, beg one of my stateside-living mates to post some out to me), I have also been thinking: if I'm going to buy some Anya, why not go the whole hog?

This patent-trim tote bears a resemblance to the Target collection, however you can just imagine how gorgeous the smooth patent calf leather would be and the nylon means it's a very practical and classy way to do your shopping! At $375, it's a little bit beyond the $20-$50 pricepoints for the Target range, but if you're in the "what credit crunch?!" frame-of-mind, then you may wish to indulge. From Saks.

Jimmy Choo Hobo Bags

Jimmy Choo Sky Hobo Bag

Sorry for the late start today, but there is just so much to do so little time. As you know last week Vlad and I spent in NYC. We have amazing interviews and pictures to come (so excited to share with you all!). Things are hectic around here today as we are getting things situated before Vlad leaves on Thursday for Germany for two weeks. I am staying home to hold down the fort and Shannon is headed to California. We have so many things in store for you all, just hang tight!

While in NYC Vlad and I did not over-shop, at least in our minds. Of course we shopped, but not crazily. I nearly left Hermes with a new goodie, but I decided to wait for something else and we got Vlad a treat instead, a Hermes wallet. We will photograph it later, but it is his new pride and joy. We picked up a few items from another store, and those pictures will come later.

Small Toggle Leather Tote

I will be the first one to say I am a huge fan of Bottega Veneta handbags. The leather and detailing put into every one of these bags errors on the side of flawless. The one drawback could be how sophisticated the handbags are. Ok, there is nothing wrong with sophistication; in fact, sophistication is something I consider highly sought after. But from time to time, a fun, chic bag is all that I want to carry. Is that what the BV designers are trying to get after here with the Bottega Veneta Small Toggle Leather Tote? I can’t decide if I like the fun, youthful look or if I absolutely hate it. Now, the white leather topped off with multicolour toggle detailing is a personal no-go for the upcoming seasons; it would have to wait until spring. And come to think of it, don’t the toggles remind you of those spice drop candies? As much as I like the candy, I think I would find myself trying to pick off the toggles as I stood in line, sat on the subway or even just walked down the street. And again, white leather, can just get dirty so easily. So, I guess I think I would prefer spending my money on something like the Bottega Veneta Barcelona Cabat (which I still have on my wish list) than on this tote. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1850.