New Train Hopper Satchel


Riddle...What's huge, hot, and just down right sexy? This gorgeous Train Hopper Satchel is definitely all that and more! Made of canvas with top handles and adjustable and removable shoulder strap, this outrageously enormous satchel will make for a perfect day bag that'll take you from your dreaded 9 to 5 work week, to anything and everything in between. Measuring 20x17, it's available in black combo and natural, and sells for the bargain price of just $198 at Freepeople. You just gotta love this bag! Absolutely, definitely without a doubt, a hot, hot item...Dare I say hot again!

New Releases bags

We got lots of new bags fresh from the warehouse and in stock for your buying pleasure! Since there are so many, no more intros, let's get started!

Quilted Belt Purse - $164.00

Belted purses are very popular right now, and we have added the classic look of a quilted fabric to it, bringing it to a whole other level with our Quilted Belt Purse. Choose from grey, orange or pink.

Melie Bianco Woven Convertible Shoulder Bag - $172.00

Melie Bianco is getting into the new bag look as well, with our Woven Convertible Shoulder Bag that comes in basic black or brown colors in order to match up with most anything in your closet.

Rampage Hobo - $160.00

Our new Rampage Hobo comes in such beautiful, minty colors that we want one of each! Choose from green, light-red (which is a kind of a hot pink color), mint and yellow.

Giraffe Print Bucket Tote - $154.00

We've previously released one version of the Giraffe Print Bucket Tote, but we now have the same style bag, slightly updated and in a beautiful metallic silver.

Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet - $122.00

And what would a giraffe print bag purchase be without a wallet? Our Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet is perhaps the most unique one we have ever sold. It is a beauty and sure to sell out quick, so hurry up and buy one today!

New Vivienne Westwood Handbags Designers

It has been some time since I have looked at an individual handbag designer. Today I want to have a look at one of the most exciting designers in the history of London – namely Vivienne West wood. Now as is to be expected, Vivienne Westwood handbags are not made for someone with a small purse. So if your purse is not massive – like mine – you will have to stick with one of her perfumes like Boudoir, which is a firm winter evening favourite of mine.

Same as the Boudoir flacon, many of Vivienne’s Bags have her very visual and individual label on them – the large golden Orb that any fashionista will instantly recognise. Another one of her trademarks is the unmistakable tartan pattern, she uses on her handbags and the bowling bag shape combined with funky design.

Vivienne Westwood designer handbags autumn winter 2008

Small Iconic Tote bags


With the wintry blahs beating at our door, we all need a little handbag comfort, (and joy!) and the Continental Iconic Tote by Tommy Hilfiger is definitely the best 'medicine' for the job. With the casual look of plaid, this fabric bag features a magnetic closure with double handles. Available in black and grey, this adorable tote measures 8x11.5x5, and sells for the affordable price tag of just $55. The Continental Iconic Tote is a fun

Pushing Buttons wallets

Normally, when you push someone's buttons, that is a bad thing. But when the buttons are on a handbag, that just means you are closing the purse up, like in a button closure of some sort. But what if the buttons are on a wallet?

Urban Expressions Pushlock Wallet - $55.00

Buttons on a wallet? Surely we jest! But no, we are not jesting – our newest wallets are pushbutton closure, making them similar to a small, thin clutch that is a wallet instead of a purse. How cute is that! And this new Urban Expressions Pushlock Wallet almost looks like a red carpet clutch, without the red carpet price. For only $25 (on sale for a limited time) you can get this unique and gorgeous wallet that you will keep forever.

Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet - $52.00

Our new Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet is another keeper. This bag has the same pushbutton closure as UE one, but with the ever-popular giraffe print on it. This is a great wallet with plenty of slots for dollar bills and credit or debit cards. It even has a clear panel for your ID or driver's license and a small zippered pocket for change and other tiny items. In fact, both pushbutton wallets have all of these features.

So what are you waiting for? Be the first in your circle to own a pushbutton wallet.

New John Galliano Handbag Designers

To be honest this is the first time for me checking out John Galliano handbags online so I cannot compare what I see to any of his old handbag collections. It did not take long to make me an instant fan though! I love the newspaper prints that remind me that: “In 2000, he said that he also had found his inspiration for the couture collection of boho-meets-hobo chic he unveiled that January during his jogging sessions, when running past the homeless people lining the river” I think a lot of that still reflects in the current collection. I like that the bags are very expressive and lively and that the words”John” and “Galliano” are not blatant but sneak in all over the place. Subtle yet distinctive!

John Galliano handbags

New Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote bags

These three words are what we think about when we think about designer Nicole Miller. And now we offer these fine bags right here at Baghaus. Want to know why we think of these three words? Let us explain, with the help of visual aids, of course:

Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote - $170.00

Smart, because you will look smart for buying such beautiful bags at such low prices. Where else are you going to find a patent leatherette tote that is expertly quilted and has such great color details like this? The answer – nowhere else.

Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote - $172.00

Edgy because that explains a bag like the new Multi-Zipper Patent Tote. Zippers as accessories have never been used quite like this. It is eye-catching, stunning and has a decidedly urban feel yet can be used for everyday purposes whether you are running errands or doing something fun like lunching or having a spa day.

Nicole Lee Chain Link Handbag - $168.00

Chic because a bag like this takes a popular look (chains) and transforms it into something gorgeous and affordable for the everyday woman, and not just celebs who can afford the thousand dollar price tags that come with the newest "It" bags.

So now you know what we think of Nicole Miller bags. From the way they are flying out of our warehouse, we think our customers might just feel the same.

Vivienne Westwood picnic handbags

Browsing the internet I have found some more Vivienne Westwood handbags - and the added benefit: The handbags I am going to show you today are on sale!! Obviously these bags are from the previous Vivienne Westwood handbag collection and if you are looking for Westwood’s handbag trend for 2008 and 2009 follow the hyperlink.

Not only are the bags that I have found available for exactly half the original price, but furthermore they go with the sailor style handbag trend that I talked about before. Although they are called picnic handbag (I guess that is because the bag looks like a knotted together picnic blanket or neckerchief), these handbags would perfect the partner-look with Popeye for Olivia Oyl.

 Vivienne Westwood picnic handbag

New Ruehl Kennedy Handbags


I can't for the life of me keep away from Ruehl handbags, and my latest obsession has got to be this gorgeous Kennedy Handbag. This genuine leather handbag features a flap closure, zip pockets, and custom Ruehl hardware. Complete with protective dust bag, it sells for $328, measures 12x6x8, and is available in mocha and sienna. This bag would make a perfect addition to any wardrobe, dressy or casual. Visit Ruehl and indulge yourself a

No Slouch handbags

So what's in a name? Usually a lot, but when you call a handbag 'slouchy' that is not a bad thing. It doesn't mean it is a slouch or has bad posture. OK, well we guess it has bad posture for a handbag, but in this case, that is a good thing. Check out our selection of slouchy bags that are great for everyday use:

Slouchy Shopper - $156.00

The Slouchy Shopper is the newest slouchy kid on the block. It comes in great colors like yellow, black, burgundy, pewter and purple. Buy a bright colored one to make a drab outfit pop, or buy a muted tone to enhance an already fabulous outfit.

Genuine Leather Slouchy Poeme Hobo - $250

If you prefer higher-end bags, our Genuine Leather Slouchy Poeme Hobo may be just your style.

Fadden Slouchy Satchel - $158.00

One of our first slouchy bags and still a best seller, the Fadden Slouchy Satchel is big without being bulky and can be used for multiple purposes.

Melie Bianco Birds of Paradise Slouchy Hobo - $156.00

Designer Melie Bianco has gotten into the slouchy trend as well, with this decidedly summery Birds of Paradise Slouchy Hobo. Allow yourself to be swept away to a tropical wonderland when you wear this bag that reminds us of sand, surf, sun and lots of fun.

New Jean Paul Gaultier Handbags Designers

I have been a huge Jean-Paul Gaultier fan for a very long time. His costume designs for the film "La cite des enfants perdus", lend the movie a whole new level of eiry atmosphere and the same can be said for "The Fifth Element".

What I really admire about Jean-Paul Gaultier is that he has never studied fashion or handbag design, yet he has managed to get where he is today. Instead he sent sketches to famous designers when he was only a teenager and succeeded in impressing Pierre Cardin, who hired him as an assistant in 1970.

Jean-Paul Gaultiers handbags

New Andrea Brueckner Handbags



Andrea Brueckner handbags marry luxurious textured leathers and bright, chic colors. The Canadian born designer’s menswear background translates into exquisitely tailored purses. Celebrities like Ashlee Simpson count themselves as a fan.  

New Diesel Cobalto Handbags


Okay, for the overly obsessed that feels the need to carry EVERYTHING (and you know who you are!) with you everyday, anywhere, here's the bag for you! New for fall, this overly extreme, and just down right huge Cobalto Bag by Diesel will surely cover all your needs. Made of 100% cow leather, it measures 16.8x21.5x16, and features double handles. Make sure you stop by Diesel and check this sucker out! Available in grey, it sells for $845. Definitely a must see for the weekend traveler, or at the very least, everyday errands for your ordinary OCD person. 

My Guess Handbags

Handbags of late are getting more trendy, colorful, and stylish, and Guess handbags and purses are not any different on this scale. Pastels, Brights, and metallics to pick from, and an array of banana bags, satchels, and clutches to choose from, Guess purses / handbag range looks hotter than ever, and for the customers, it is more than what they could ask for.

A Guess designer purse or handbag is made from quality leather or quilt, backed by patented technology, and is subjected to stringent quality checks before releasing it in the market. As a result, it is guaranteed that what customers get to lay their hands on are good quality purses and wallets, that are made to stand the test of time, continuous use, and vagaries of climate. The leather doesn’t fade nor might the stitches come off that easily after some time.

Guess Handbags

Some of the popular Guess handbags models include Convertible Satchels – with lots of space – Hobo Casual Bags, Tote purses, Banana, and Kokomo Bucket, to name a few. Visit the Guess website for the entire list of latest Guess handbags and purse lines.

The Guess purses and bags are very moderately priced, even lesser than Chanel brands, at around $100 on average. Given the quality and utility the Guess range offers to the customers, the $100 price tag is quite reasonable and value for money.

Framed handbags

No, we are not talking about a crime caper! When we say something is framed, we mean that it has a structure to it. Most frame bags have structure at the top that gives them their overall shape and appeal. Here are some examples of framed bags that are new to Baghaus that we think you will love:

Urban Expressions Fantasia Shopper - $160.00

We have released several new Urban Expressions bags recently, and this is one of them – the Urban Expressions Fantasia Shopper. The gold tone frame at the top defines this otherwise simple bag that will match many pieces in your closet.

Urban Expressions Cameo Bag - $160.00

The new Urban Expressions Cameo Bag is another example of a framed, structured top that clearly defines the bag. Of course, the crescent-shaped opening and faux croc detailing help define it, but it is the rigid structure of the top that really shapes the bag overall.

Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote - $170.00

This Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote is almost the definition of structure in a bag. The rectangular shape makes this bag's unique style and the bold colors help it stand out even more, as if it needed help!

Get these and many other fine Baghaus bags on sale right now for a limited time, with free shipping over $100.

New Buti Handbag Designers

I had never before heard of Buti handbags – until now! As far as I am aware Buti handbags are named after the Buti region in Italy, situated in the Province of Pisa, where, I believe, these beautiful quality leather handbags are manufactured.

Buti handbags are lovely little creations and exude an undeniable elegance with their high-quality leather construction, but it is their details, that make these handbags truly high fashion and recognizable.

Each Buti handbag has an interesting individual shape and some features that they all have in common are similarities in the design of the unique handles, front-hanging charms, front pockets, bold colours or the locks with leather detail. 

New Fendi Velvet Spy Bags


You don’t mess with classics, but in the case of this Fendi Velvet Spy Bag, it’s a surprisingly successful - if fairly unconventional - update. The rich wine velvet instantly gives it a festive feeling, especially coupled with the satin lining and thick, shimmery handles. A smattering of rhinestones and beads glint elegantly on the sides. Normally bags like this don’t really appeal to me, but I’m totally swayed by this one. It’s not exactly a candidate for year-round wear, but it has loads of potential during the holiday season. Also in black and tobacco. 

New Split Sharon Black Wallets


For what it's worth, matching 'things' seems to be the key to our very existence, but with this very chic Split Sharon Wallet, that's not necessarily the case. Whether it's black, brown, red, or any color in between, this gorgeous wallet will match up perfectly. Inexpensive, this crinkle faux leather wallet features an embroidered logo with buckle details. The best thing? It opens to reveal credit card slots, and plenty of room for cash and id. Available in black, it measures 7.5x4, and sells for $26.50 at Pacsun. You can still check out the matching handbags.

New Kate Spade Purses

Hot or Not? Well, while there are some who may argue that Kate Spade handbags theme on a laid back style, it is still one of the hot favorites amongst women folk in general, especially among trendy youngsters. What work wonders for Kate Spade is its innovative yet simple and down to earth designs, and competitive pricing. Also, new designs hit the market regularly so that its patrons will not have to look elsewhere for the latest fashionable handbag models and beautiful purses.

Kate Spade Purses

So, whether you are looking for the latest purses in the casual section or party handbags or a utility model, Kate Spade will surprise you with its collections. Designed using patented materials and unique and tested methods and techniques, the Kate Spade purses stands out from the rest in terms of durability, quality, utility, colors, textures, and trendy names such as Bilbao Quintessa, Tarrytown-Quinn, or Spade. In fact, by visiting Kate’s site/showroom, you’ll realize with awe that the handbag brand had come a long way since its first nylon bag collections, more than a decade ago, in terms of variety/quality.

On the pricing front, as mentioned already, the Kate Spade handbags are priced reasonably, at around $400 on an average. Compared with many other top handbag brands, this is reasonable, and is within the affordable limits for most people.

Zip Around Hobo bags

Zip Around Hobo - $156.00

Our Zip Around Hobo will having you singing Zippety Do Dah in no time. This unique bag has zippers going all the way around, plus a zippered top closure, an internal zippered pocket and a small attached coin purse that also has a zippered closure. More zippers for the buck than you could ever imagine! And it is only $68, though if you order now during our limited-time sale, you can get the bag for just $56.

Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote - $72.00

The new Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote is just stunning. It has lots of small gold tone zippers that accessorize the bag and give it an edgy look that you will want to wear everywhere. It is a bargain at the regular price of $80, but buy now and get it for just $72. It is a large size and can even double as a quick overnight bag, so it is definitely worth every penny you will spend on it, and then some.

Red or Dead Handbag Designers

I never really associated Red or Dead with handbags – for me Red or Dead were a brand that made very nice and wacky shoes and I was also aware of their glasses – I now myself own a pair. But recently, on my search for attractive handbags I have stumbled across the Red or Dead bag collection. And in my opinion the Red or Dead handbags are at least as pretty as the Red or Dead shoes.

Just have a look. These bags exude a lot of character and individuality, without being immature. From top left in clockwise order:
Red or Dead handbags
Red or Dead Dirty Girls Small Frame £45.00
Red or Dead Flying Ducks T.V. Messenger £
Red or Dead Russian Dolls Bucket Bag £60.00
Red or Dead Dirty Girls Clutch £40
Red or Dead Russian Dolls Barrel Bag £40
Red or Dead Flying Ducks T.V. Messenger £55

Marc Jacobs Eve Metallic Leather


Nothing new here. Metallics are once again in prime position for spring, and this Marc Jacobs Eve Metallic Leather Shopper capitalizes on it big time. With plenty of room and a glint so blinding it’s probably visible from space, this tote is no more practical than, say, a tinfoil hat. The glittering stones lined up at the top are just barely discernible against the brilliant silver calfskin. It’s one of those “why bother?” bags that I find a little dull. Available to pre-order for $1350 at Nordstrom.

Purse Patterns

Hi, This is Kimberly and I present you today a guest post by my grandmother about free purse patters

If you are a doting grandmother or mother, who wishes to present your young (grand) daughter a handbag or purse for her birthday, free purse patterns must give you enough food for thought to conjure up a decent purse design in your mind. Stitching together a purse by oneself not only satiates your creative skills, but also churns out a personal gift item no other readymade purchase could ever replace.

Stitching one’s own purse based on a free handbag patterns is also cost effective option because most designer purses or handbags available in the market today are too costly for the common man/woman to afford. It also solves the situation where one is forced to buy a purse, which is not his/her first choice, owing to lack of choices available in a store or owing to high price tags.

Free Purse Patterns

You could find a lot of free handbag patterns in the web. In fact, there are hundreds of websites marketing their purse patterns free of cost, alongside the step by step instructions on how to stitch together the purse, and the material to be used for the same. However it goes without mention that one may preferably stick to the instructions given as much as possible, and use the same set of raw materials specified. This is crucial for the durability of the end product. One is free to improvise, but only sensibly and within limits. If everything goes fine, the overall cost of making a purse, based on purse patterns, must be far cheaper than a branded purse bought from a purse store near your home.

If you have a creative mind and a pair of hands good at the art of stitching, why waste money on purses? Choose one from the many free handbag patterns available in the internet and make one for yourself. Now, you can have the buckle or the pocket wherever you want on the purse, or a colored interior, or simply your favorite design on its flap, rather than having to satisfy with what all utility a branded purse provides.

Melie Bianco handbags

We just love designers that can take a trend and put their own chic signature on it, which is why we love Melie Bianco. We have been carrying her line of handbags and totes for a few months now here at Baghaus, and the response has been spectacular. We expect nothing less than that same response for her newest bags:

Melie Bianco Braided Large Hobo
Melie Bianco Braided Large Hobo

Braids are big right now, and this Braided Large Hobo combines braided handles with a hobo style bag that is also very trendy right now. This beautiful rust color will give your wardrobe a lot of pop. We love this for daytime use, it can be used to add color to a jeans and tee combo or dress it up with a sundress. It would also look great with the maxi dresses that are all the rage right now.

New Gothic style Autumn handbag

I am not sure whether you have heard what some of the coming trends are. Gothic style clothing is coming back in fashion especially for the ladies. The grown up luxury gothic style is moving in. I think that is quite a fitting development considering the gloomy mood autumn brings along, although I am not sure what the real old-school Goths will think of all the new fashion Goths on the streets!

Whichever gothic style autumn handbag you want to go for it will have the ability to make your autumn outfit. To look like a perfect Zombie or Vampire, you will need a handbag to complete the look. Here are some great gothic autumn bags that I have found online:

Gothic style autumn fashion handbags

New Coach Leah collection




I guess it’s Coach’s version of resort. The Leah collection is sherbert colors, a little metallic and a lot of logos. Coach seemed to take a departure from their logos for the holiday season and with the economy in the gutter, many women who often go for the discreet luxury of Miu Miu or Tod’s opted for a more wallet-friendly option in Coach. There are still a few quite pieces, but most have so many C’s, you feel dizzy just staring at them. Proceed with caution!

Marc Jacobs Strippy Zippy Groovee Bag


Just in time for your holiday gifting comes this gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy Zippy Groovee Bag. Made of soft leather, this satchel brings along with it enough room to carry just about everything you deem important. With pockets a plenty, you get double shoulder straps and a cross body strap. Measuring 15 1/4x8 1/2x10 3/4, it's available in khaki, and you can pick this little number up at Saks for $498. The great thing about Marc by Marc Jacobs line is that you get the same exquisite style you see with the more expensive line, but for a bit smaller price tag.

New Chanel Purses

Backed by quality and inspired by their designer looks, Chanel Purses is one of the most sought after trendy designer purses, handbags and wallets line by women of all ages.

Chanel is named after the iconic fashion designer and founder Coco Chanel, who had revolutionized women’s ware in the 1900s famous jersey-and-tweed suits, thereby closing the gap between male and female clothing. Since her death in 1971, the Chanel legacy is carried forward by designer Karl Lagerfeld, who had took Chanel brand to new heights of popularity and fame, and also into new ventures such as watches and perfume.

Chanel Purses

From the stable of Chanel designer ware and boutiques, Chanel wallets and purses epitomizes high quality craftsmanship and luxury, bringing together in its fold, the utility factor as well as a bold fashion statement, something equally loved and preferred by the elite and the youngsters alike. Made from leather and other bag materials using patented manufacturing techniques, Chanel handbags and purses stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and appearance. No wonder, Chanel handbags are preferred by Hollywood celebrities from Claudia Schiffer to Keira Knightley and Ivanka Trump.

Melie Bianco Messenger Bag

Yup, we have even more Melie Bianco to show you. We promise new bags every week, and this week we have a Melie-palooza. So without further adieu, here are her newest, stylish offerings. Remember, they all come with her signature polka dot interior lining!

Melie Bianco Messenger Bag
Melie Bianco Messenger Bag

The big, oversized bag trend just won't end, and we love it! Messengers are hot right now, and none are hotter than this Melie Bianco Messenger Bag. Available in three color combinations, it is roomy yet fits perfectly under your arm. It is a great addition to any wardrobe and can also function as an overnight bag in a pinch.

Gerard Darel handbags

The Darel company was founded by Gérard and Danielle Darel in 1971 and continues to be family managed. In choosing Mamie as its future muse, Gérard Darel has found the ideal match.

Some of the world’s most beautiful women have stood in as muses for Gerard Darel.
They have included, Stephanie Seymour, Brooke Shields, Christy Turlington, Natassja Kinski and most recently Charlotte Gainsbourg. But Gerard Darel’s latest muse is Mamie Gummer, who is not just the daughter of Meryl Streep, but also a very promising young actress.

So Gerard Darel has names his new collection after Mamie and if I was her, I would be very pleased with that, as there are some very beautiful handbags in that collection.
In style some of them remind me a little of the Nanini handbags, but maybe you feel different about that!
I only picked four to show you as I feel the designs need space to breathe! ? And here they are…

Coach Amanda New collection




Just in time for the holidays, Coach has launched the Amanda collection. Handbags, wristlets, and pouches in delicious jewel tones that amp up the standard LBD with just the switch of a purse. Yes, the bags are satin, so we aren’t sure how they’ll hold up, but you can guarantee they’ll catch some attention thanks to the gold trim and candy colors like hot pink, lime and grape. Juicy!

New Tano Boogie Bucket Bags


Simply stunning comes this gorgeous Boogie Bucket Bag by Tano. The Tano team is made up of three hot designers hell bent on keeping up with the hottest fashion trends of today. Made of lamb leather, the Boogie Bucket Bag comes in your choice of truffle and mandarin with silvertone hardware detail, and belted sides. Measuriing 15x13x7, it sells for $200 at Neiman Marcus, and is definitely making it to the top of my 'it' list and must haves for the holidays! Maybe if you're extra good this year Santa will slip one of these under the tree...Never hurts to dream.