socialites prefer a Gucci Bag

Recently, as Nicky Hilton landed in one of the renowned Airport, she was seen to carry a Gucci Bag…as camera focused its vigilant eyes; it easily recognized the stylish belonging of Nicky. People were attracted because of its delicate design and sleek style. Gucci Bouvier bag, Bowler bag and Chain bags are some of its varieties.

Guccio Gucci of Florence invented the Gucci in the year 1921. Gucci is at present considered to be a fashion icon. It is preferred by most celebrities. In the recent review that was conducted by the Business Week Magazine, Gucci was among the Top 100 Brands; it took the 46th position. Perhaps this is the reason for Gucci’s recent sale records. It is the second best selling bag after LVMH. Gucci designer purses and bags are a great favorite for fashion loving people. The Gucci bags and designer purse is also considered to be a mark of an elitist. It distinguishes you from the rest. Made exclusively with top quality leather, these bags are extremely fashionable. The bags are also very durable. It comes in snaky style, the soft fluffy style and the formal. The House of Gucci which is also called Gucci is actually a label of Italian fashion and leather goods.

Gucci is an Italian brand and is operative in 425 stores located worldwide. It sells it goods through franchisees and upscale department stores. Gucci bags with its sparkling style and excellent design have won the heart of millions. Perhaps the reason why Nicky Hilton loves it the most!

Fancy Rabbit Field Bags


I'm 37 and all these years I've been looking for a 'field bag' featuring a picture of a rabbit wearing a top hat and a monocle and I've finally found one!

By Deadworry, it costs $22 from Shana Logic and also features, they're excited to point out, an "inside zippered pocket!" Woo-hoo!