Old Navy Bags

Old Navy has gotten in a crop of new bags and I’m quite happy with what I see. I like the emphasis on colorful and durable canvas prints which I think works out much better with inexpensive bags then using cheapo faux leather.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a Studded Canvas Tote in white to use as my daily commuting bag. I liked the studs and the very nautical rope handles. Turns out the bag was too big to use everyday, but turned into a handy weekend bag. The new Lucky magazine has a smaller version of this bag, but so far I haven’t seen it online or in the store.

I also like the Woman’s Floral Tote with the lovely green flowers. The straps looks like they might be too short to fit over my bulky jacket, but I could probably overlook that.

The jury is still out for me for the Crescent bags. I liked the pictures online, but when I saw it in person I thought the handles looked very cheap and the whole bag was so big it looked sloppy. But the pop of the colorful canvas print is nice especially with all the winter blacks that we have been wearing around the northeast recently.

And if your on the lookout for a small hand held bag you can’t go wrong with a Ring-Handled bag. I like the green canvas pictured above.

Malinka Backpack

A few mornings ago it was the same old story, I was crammed onto an over packed 7 train trying to hang on to the handrail, read the New Yorker, and hold my overly heavy handbag in the crook of my elbow. Of course my arm was falling asleep and I could feel a shooting pain in my back that was stooped over from the bag’s weight. Finally I decided enough is enough and I need to get a comfy backpack to even out the weight that I have to carry.

As luck would have it I was poking around the sale room at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie the next day and spotted the Malinka Backpack sitting in the back of a high shelf. The best part was that it was on sale so of course I took it home with me.

I love the funky geometric print with the red, purple and tan color combination. The bag also has nice touches like “hh” stamped on some of the hardware.

My only complain is the sometimes the straps slide out of the buckle and they fall off my shoulder, but I can probably find a way to fix this. I’m looking forward to less back pain and more comfortable NYC subway rides!

Kooba Mia Bag

My new bag obsession is the Mia bag by Kooba. It has some of my favorite details in a bag: outside pockets, nice long straps, inside pockets and of course the lovely studs. I also like that it look vaguely 70’s and I can sort of remember my mom having a similar bag when I was little. (Note: My mom just walked by me and noticed the Mia bag on my computer screen, and pointed out that the metal studs might wear off easily–something to think about.)

I think a retro bag like this would be a good long term bag for me, because with more trendy bags I tend to easily tire of the design. Plus from the large size it looks like it would make a great everyday bag for commuting to and from work. By that I mean it would fit my large lunch tupperware container.

I’m going to have to swing by the local Neiman Marcus to check out this bag in person. I’ve made a vow to never buy bags online without having seen them in person first AND making sure the new bags fits all the items currently in my bag. I had to many disappointments where I had to return an online bag because it wasn’t exactly what I pictured.

Is the Kooba bag the new front runner instead of the LV Speedy? Stay tuned.

black patent bag

I have been remiss in not blogging one of the best bags to have crossed my path in quite some time. In fact, I am so happy with it that I have been using it as my primary bag since March. A new record! The bag was a birthday present from a very good friend, who has impeccable taste and owns the same bag a rich blue and a creamy off white.

The bag is by Liz Claiborne, a brand that I really haven’t paid much attention to since I was old enough to go shopping without my mom, but I think that is now going to change. The patent material is great, it looks just a new as it did on my birthday and I can just wipe it down with a sponge if it needs any cleaning. The straps are nice and long and comfortable to tote around. But the best details is the nickle hardware and ruching on the bottom corners. These great details really take this bag from something that might have been a boring black tote into something that seamless merges style and funtions.

Time to give Liz Claiborne a new look!

Kooba Ada

I might as well just take out a giant loan and buy one of each bag at Kooba so I can stop obsessing.

The latest is the lovely Ada which won me over with its simple design and studded ornaments. This bag could be worn to dress up some jeans or with a more formal pant suit to make the outfit more slouchy and casual.

The key to this bag really is in the studs. I think without them the bag still would be very nice, but would be a bit boring and unpredictable. But once the studs are on, this bag stands out in a crowd.

This bag would also make a good commuting bag thanks to it large size and depth. The two side pockets would hold your Metro cards and some lip gloss. Could this be the perfect bag? Quite possible!

Givenchy l Tejus Handle Medium Nightingale

I've wanted a Givenchy Nightingale ever since the style first came out a few season ago and subsequently seen on Reese Witherspoon, among other celebs. I even made it a point one winter to make a trip up to NYC just so that I can go to Barneys and spend some quality time with several versions of the Nightingale, modeling self in front of the mirror (eventually, I had to leave, empty-handed). I have not been able to bring one home yet (the hopeful "yet" is what gets me through the day, ladies), and though it seemed for a while that Givenchy was taking the style to some strange direction, I am happy to report that this latest Tejus Handle Medium Nightingale is just as beautiful as the first versions with which I fell in love.

Though I fear I would quickly dirty up a pristine white bag such as this, I can't help but wanting one, especially because of the punchy Tejus handles, a type of lizard skin. I think this bag epitomizes the type of logo-free chic many of us want to achieve nowadays, owing to its free form and simple yet elegant design. The removable shoulder strap extends long enough to tuck the bag under the shoulder, but not so long as to be able to wear it across the body (believe me, I tried it during my multi-hour visit at Barneys, to humorous and embarrassing result). Inside the bag is pretty austere too, with one zipped pocket and a couple of open pockets for cell phone, etc. Measuring in at
12.5" H x 19" W x 6" D, the Nightingale should hold a wallet, book, small water bottle, and perhaps even a make-up bag comfortably, though as I keep telling myself, one should not stuff a bag just because everything fits inside. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to fork over $1,995 and actually own one of these babies, but I really hope Givenchy continues to produce this style and experiment with more colors and exotic leather (oops, not necessarily advocating animal cruelty or anything). For a brief history on Givenchy, travel back in time and check out my post on the Givenchy Clarabelle.

Gap Silk Blend Mustang Clutch

Ever since I moved in with my new roommate Jaime I’ve been eyeing her navy blue Gap clutch from a few years ago. As clutches go it is pretty basic, but the key is the the print of multi colored mustang horses frolicking across the bag. Its the perfect sized cluth to grab before running out the door on the way to a local bar.

So of course I wanted my own clutch, but I had missed my chance when the bag was in season. I remember seeing them in the store, but at the time all they had left was a teal blue color not the navy blue. So last week I did a search on Ebay and there it was, the exact clutch I had been hoping to find. A few days later it was in my hand and ready to take a spin the next time I go out.

Yay for Ebay! Has Ebay helped you find an out of season/hard to find bag?

Stuff Your Bag, Save A Life

As though I needed any more excuses to buy big handbags, then stuff it with everything I own, it turns out they can also double as a bulletproof shield and save your life, too. No joke.

When a gunman fired a shot at Elizabeth Pittenger during a robbery attempt, it was her over-sized, overstuffed handbag that saved her life.

Seriously. Watch.

MSNBC further reports, "Pittenger had to get a new handbag, as the one she was carrying has been kept as evidence, along with the destroyed calculator, the umbrella with a shattered handle and the sunglasses case with a bullet impression in it."

Ummm...Marc Jacobs, I think maybe you should send this girl a new handbag. She deserves one, don't you think? ;) If I were Dolce and Gabbana, I would also throw in a new pair of sunglasses, too! Sure, fighting an armed robber may not have been the best idea, but she's got a second chance in life, all thanks to her bag.

Green Leafy Rootote

Well even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another bag while I am semi-unemployed I couldn’t resist this bag that I stumbled across in Sweet Charity a store located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. While I was buying it the shopgirl told me it was the last one!

Although I tend to tire easily of totes (not enough pockets, everything falls to the bottom) this bag charmed me with the natural color and leaf prints. As a bonus, when I got home I noticed a sentence in French across the top: Le Bonheur est a ceux qui savent rire. Thanks to the magic of Babelfish I learned this means something close to: Happiness stays with those who laugh.

The bag is called a Rootote by Super Planning Co because of a small zip up side pocket where I keep my four different kinds of lip balm. The three pockets inside are perfect for my wallet, phone and nano. I do wish their was a fifth pocket for my camera, but I guess I can always sew in another pocket if I really need it.

And I noticed when I got home that the style of the leafy print on the canvas tote almost matches my sheets. Now that’s coordination.

a leather studded Michael Kors bag

While standing in the check out line at the Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center today I noticed a woman carrying a leather studded Michael Kors bag similar to the one of the left but in a taller square shape. Her bag was beautifully worn in and the perfect size for a little after work shopping. Plus I’m a sucker for anything with studs.

So I’ll be keeping an eye out for this bag in the coming weeks.

Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Aventurier

Say if I had spare cash lying around (and after paying off whatever bills I had), I would definitely consider picking up the Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Aventurier as well. Having seen it at the boutique more than once, I can safely put my stamp of approval on this rugged beauty. The material used (Damier Geant Canvas) is composed of the same fibres found in mountain-climbing ropes, ensuring strength and durability.

I also love the fact that there is a base compartment made of compressed foam that's great for storing away that extra pair of sneakers or flip-flops when you head to the gym or the beach chalet. You can even store your toiletries (sans shoes of course) in this space, with the foam shell ensuring nothing from above crushes it.

In the bag itself there are several compartments for other personals and this manbag comes with other Vuttion essentials like luggage tag and lock. If Earth (shown above) is not your colour there is also an all Black version. Great for sports and weekend getaways, it is also the perfect cabin size for all airlines. Need I say more?

And if I had a little bit more left over after spending SGD2760 on this bag, I will pick up the Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Key And Change Holder ($195) as well, just to mix it up a little.

Sweater girl tote

With winter on its way the Sweater Girl Tote by Rafe has caught my eyes a few times at Anthropologie. I like the tassels and the metal hardware against the contrast of the grey knit and black leather.

More from Anthropologie:
**Although its not shown on the web site I’ve seen the Wise Old Tote and the Big Love Tote on the Sale racks.
**Not bag related, I picked up the Spray Can Skirt recently which should keep me warm (and colorful) all winter long.

Gucci Joy Large Top Handle Bag & Gucci Medium Tote With Double Handles

Meet Olly's newest acquistion from Hong Kong, the Gucci Joy Large Top Handle Bag. We spotted this eons ago at Gucci DFS Scottswalk Galleria but it was retailing for a cool SGD1000. Perhaps the price was just too high or the feeling wasn't right, so she passed. In Hong Kong it was a different story altogether. Boosted by her shopping high after securing her Longchamp Art Déco Le Pliage Handbag at a discount, we encountered this baby the very next day.

After conversion (and the usual discounts), it retailed for only SGD799, which in her books was too good a deal to pass up. And the rest is history, and she added yet another lovely to her growing collection. Larger than it actually looks, it is really rather roomy on the inside, with its styling suitable for both the conference room or a casual day out.

Another Gucci delight we saw in Hong Kong was the Gucci Medium Tote With Double Handles, a large manbag that I never did see before in Singapore. It was also cheaper than I expected, costing a mere SGD1350 or so after conversion, which ain't a bad price for such a large tote bag. Tempted yes, but it was not meant to be.


I grew up sleeping on a pair of vintage Marimekko sheets, which is a fact I could only recently appreciate. The sheets had giant flowers in shades of yellow and orange, similar to these but with more orange. So last year when I was shopping at Crate and Barrel for new sheets I instantly gravitated to the Merimekko Kukkula linens in taupe. Similar to my childhood sheets but in a more muted color/botanical print and easy to launder, I’ve become a huge fan of Marimekko.

So imagine my surprise when flipping through the latest Anthropologie catalog I saw Marimekko bags, especially the Pictograph Tote with a black background and white horses. And there are even more bags at the Marimekko site. My favorites are Maple, and Opaali with blue dots.

Louis Vuitton Damier Tate bags

Louis Vuitton Damier Tate
I never understood why Louis Vuitton has so many shoulder bag designs’ in the popular Monogram canvas, and why they were limited in the Damier pattern. Apparently, somebody over at Vuitton Headquarters got the note, as a nice amount of Damier shoulder bags have been recently released with more to come in the near future. In case you haven’t already, meet the Damier Canvas Tate bag. It’s about time more over the shoulder handbags were made and available in the hassle free Ebene canvas, and personally, I really like this design. I own the Hampstead MM and sometimes, it can be a hassle having to deal with not one, but two stiff shoulder straps. Convenience wise, the Tate bag has one adjustable flat leather shoulder strap, which suits this hobo, finely. I love the extra bling of the golden Louis Vuitton Inventeur plaque, and the Tate bag houses this stunning detail as well. Being a newly released item, I was quite impressed that eLuxury would have this piece available for sale so soon. At the moment, you can find the Petite Model for $945 and the Grand Model size for $1,110.

Ashbury four-pocket hobo bags

New year, new bag: I am once again on the hunt for a new everyday bag. I’m looking for pretty much the same thing I always look for: a city commuting bag that is easy to carry and can hold everything. And I mean everything, such as my lunch, my 5 lip balms, my 3 forms of SPF and my Netflixes that I meant to mail but got stuck at the bottom of my bag. Bonus points for pockets that keep me organized. I need easy access to my Metrocard, building pass, and cell phone. I need a good place to keep my keys so they don’t get lost and a pocket to tuck away my digital camera. In short, it is a tall order, I am very picky and there are few bags out there that are designed with this much thought.

The first potential bag that caught my eye is the Ashbury four-pocket hobo from Banana Republic. Of course the four front pockets were a big draw since I like to be able to easily find all my crap. And it looks like a well constructed bag that would last forever and would only look better with use.

Yesterday while shopping in Herald Square at 34th Street I stopped by the local Banana Republic to check out the bag in person and I was surprised to see that it actually seems larger in person then on the site. Also on the site the bag looks like it is the shape of a rectangle, but in person it was more of a triangle which I didn’t really like since it looked more slouchy then professional.

The hunt continues!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Etoile Shopper

Slated as a December release, the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Etoile Shopper also marks the launch of yet another new collection, the Monogram Etoile. No one I know has seen an actual piece yet, but I am kinda looking forward to the time when I can run my fingers over its luxuriously quilted exterior. Elegant and very lady-like, this is one of those bags perfect for Mummy come Christmas, if your budget allows for a bag costing $150. Other nice touches include the twist-lock closure with Vuitton's script logo and golden brass buckles on each side.

Other pieces in this collection include a smaller bag, the Monogram Etoile Bowling, an agenda and a purse.

And if your Mum (like mine) prefers some extra bling on her bag, you can always throw in the Louis Vuitton Caprice Key Ring as well, which will work well as a bag charm. Unlike the Monogram Etoile collection, this piece is already available in boutiques and I saw it just last week at Louis Vuitton Hilton Shopping Gallery. Retailing for $165, it's the first charm from Louis Vuitton in long time with such antiquated detailing.

Rafe For Target

In My Bag today points us to the Rafe for Target Floral Canvas Handheld Duffle. I missed the boat when the Rafe for All first showed up at Target and even though Beantown Fashion nabbed a great find, all I would see in person would be the bottom of the barrel. But this floral bag deserves a second look.

Although I can’t really tell from the Target Web site, it looks like a well organized bag with a floral print that would stand out in my sea of black and would be a great way to look forward to spring. I wish I could see all the different views and angles like at Zappos. I’m thinking of ordering it just to check it out in person.

The Brown Hobo with white trim is also pretty good looking.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy25

Q: Dear Bagaholicboy, since your blog is so thoroughly informative and up-to-date, you're sure to have a large group of avid readers. Having a teenage fan or two isn't that much of a surprise either. Being 20 this year, I don't even dare dream of getting myself more than a small tote from Kate Spade (for which I have to save like mad anyway) or a wallet from Comme des Garçons. What advice do you have for girls like us? Start young now or start only when we can afford it 5 years down the road? Another problem. To start young, what do you propose we should do?
The Little Sister

A: Dear Little Sister thanks for your email. Honestly there is no age limit when it comes to bags, only what you like and what you can afford. That said, since you have to save 'madly' for life's little luxuries, why not put that money towards something that will last a lifetime instead? No there is nothing wrong with picking up a Kate Spade, Longchamp or Agnes b. once in a while, but if you want to do it right, I'd rather you scrimp and save to put the money towards iconic classics.

One that every woman (young and old) should own is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy25, which has been around forever and costs SGD1030. Yes it is pricey, but if you want to start young and do it right, this would be the first step towards a bag collection that you will be proud of.

At the other end of the spectrum, another bag you can consider (another classic that never goes out of style) is the Longchamp Le Pliage Handbag which comes in a variety of sizes. Starting from SGD145 for the smallest one and available in a myriad of colours, you will definitely find a shade that suits you. Good luck with your bag collection.
Love, Bagaholicboy

And other bits:
1. Huaida, the Manon PM in Ebony is SGD1280, while the Manon PM in Platine is SGD1400. The Saleya PM retails for SGD1590. Happy shopping!

2. Chris, the Coach Signature Stripe Patent Tote you enquired about is available in Singapore at SGD605, and colours left are Red, Brown and Magenta. As for sales, they usually have 30% to 50% off, depending on the individual item.

3. Teck Ting, there is no such thing as the ultimate manbag, but you will be the first to know if I ever find it. Meanwhile check out Vuitton's new bags from the Utah range, I am loving the Utah Mowa that retails for SGD5400.

4. Ya Li, I am not sure of any reputable online site that sells Longchamp (and will ship to Singapore). Best you put yourself on the wait-list and hope more stocks come in before Christmas.

5. Sarah, I agree with your girlfriends. SGD1205 is too much to pay for that Longchamp bag. Stick to Louis Vuitton dear, the Speedy35 (SGD1110) in comparison is a much better buy. And I want to see pics when you get it!

6. Ryan, your choice of the Bottega Veneta Pilot Bag is awesome. For me to make any other suggestions, check out this list of messenger bags, tell me your preferences and I will get back to you again.

7. Karen, definitely get the Miu Miu Leather Coffer Bag. I am not exactly sure how much cheaper it would be in Milan though. Other brands worth checking out are Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci and Prada.

"I'm not a plastic bag"

I always look forward to receiving my WhoeWhatWear emails every weekday morning, especally when they are profiling handbags.

I have to admit, after seeing it around so much, I’m starting to get interested in the “I’m not a plastic bag” by Anya Hindmarch. I have a kitchen cabinet full of plastic bags I have toted home from stores (WHY must they double bag everything?) and would love a reusable, fabric alternative. Especially one that is also used by supermodels.

It will be interesting to see if the bag takes off in the US as much as it has everywhere else. I’m keeping an eye out.

More info from The Bag Snob.

This bag is huge!

This bag is huge! The Kate Spade Waverly Place Noel Olivia was one of the new bags I spotted when I was in town last week. Retailing for $250, this 100% coated cotton canvas bag features Kate's signature jacquard Noel print and has buttons on the side, that allows one to either 1) fold-in the bag (shown above) or 2) leave it unbuttoned to make it more roomy. Either way, this is great for those art-school types who need to lug around supplies and portfolios to campus on a daily basis. Also great for those who shop too much on any given day and need something to hold everything in.

If this is too big, there is the smaller but taller Kate Spade Waverly Place Eddie that also comes in Red, as well as Black and that retails for $220.

Somerset vertical tote

I’m starting to research my fall shopping, and of course this includes bags. I am hoping to get more milage out of my beautiful Kooba bag, but I must admit I have a wandering eye when it comes to this sort of thing. And of late, my eye has landed on the Somerset vertical tote from Banana Republic.

I like that this bag looks very briefcase-ey, and although my interviews are few and far between this would be a good professional bag to be seen with and would hold all sorts of papers and folders etc. I think I’m also starting to tired of the slouchy hobo bag shape, and this one is boxy and structured.

I would wear this bag with a suit and heels, but i think it would also look great with some ripped jeans and a tank top.

2009 Womens Marc Jacobs

If you are feeling a sudden sense of deja-vu while looking at the Spring-Summer 2009 Womens Marc Jacobs collection, here's why...

Woven Boston bags

Bottega Veneta Woven Boston

Even great designers can do wrong. There are some designers who produce bags that I typically adore, and one of these brands is Bottega Veneta. But what happens when a bad look comes from a good brand? The Bottega Veneta Woven Boston is created with multicolor woven leather stripes against black trim. My problem is the overall look. It is too busy, too many stripes, and too much wasted luxurious leather on this concoction. I know, many of my choices in bags over the years have been questionable, and I have been known to love a crazy bag here or there, but this is just too forward and funky for Bottega Veneta in my mind. I expect timeless elegance and luxury from Bottega Veneta, not crazy colorful stripes all over their handbags. Furthermore, the bags stripes do not even match up when you look at it head on. And I am quite anal about lines being perfect and angles being proper, and this bag seems to defy logic to me. Am I being too harsh? Is this another beautiful design for a person with a more eclectic taste? This bag is available at Bergdorf Goodman for $5200.

Mistress of Naplak bags

I just love that crinkled texture! A cousin of the traditional patent, naplak is of a similar method by which a plastic coating is heated to adhere onto a fabric surface. The effect looks less uniform as if the process was done by hand versus a machine. The “distressed” look of naplak has been wholly embraced by high-end designers as it miraculously transforms any form of accessories into something modern and street-smart. Goldenbleu was on the bandwagon a loooooong time ago, and I am a big fan of Rene Huber’s designs. Her bags ring very Old World classic without being stodgy or stuck in a time-warp. It’s still a relatively new brand. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, you may think the prices are a little bit on the high side for such a green label. BUT, if you have ever seen or even own one, you will understand that these bags are made to last beyond this season. They are well-crafted and heavy, as the hardware and the heft of the thick suede inside can load you down even with just a wallet and pen inside. In fact, that suede lining can be very well used as an exterior of a handbag (it’s that substantial). Even with the weight, do consider. Hey, many have heavier bags (ummmm…Chloe?), and the love is still there.

40% off Online Sales Promotion

Update! The Alexis Hudson promotion has just been revised… to your advantage. You are now able to receive 40% off and the promotion has been extended to Tuesday, November 25th! What a great opportunity to start some holiday shopping or snag something for yourself!

It’s true, we have another amazing offer for all you Purse Bloggers out there. Starting today, Alexis Hudson handbags has a special promotion available. You might be familiar with Alexis Hudson as the handbags seem to be popping up all over the place. Just a little while ago, over on Purse Blog Savvy, I wrote about the Alexis Hudson St. Germaine Hobo which is still a handbag I would love to see hanging in my closet.

So here is the deal. This two week online promotion starts today, Thursday November 6th and will end Thursday November 20th. After you select the Alexis Hudson handbags you’d like for yourself or to give to others and are ready to check out, simply enter the following discount code: PURSEBLOG. There are plenty of gorgeous handbags to choose from AND you will receive 25% 40% off. You simply can’t go wrong! 

Personal Appearance

WHAT: Nancy Gonzalez Trunk Show and Personal Appearance by designer, Nancy Gonzalez

WHERE: Saks 5th Avenue, Bala Cynwyd , PA

WHEN: November 14th, 2008 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Nancy Gonzalez bags have become highly coveted accessories, focusing on exotic materials and popping color palettes. Nancy’s bags have graced the arms of handbag lovers worldwide who turn to her for a beautifully made bag, with a luxurious material, that sets an outfit apart from the rest. Her focus on color comes from her Colombian roots, as not only the culture affects her designs but so does the climate. “The 365 days a year of brilliant blue sky, the incredible plumage of birds, a green like nothing I have seen anywhere else – that is the beauty of Colombia,” says Gonzalez. The collection is designed and produced in Colombia and is available at retailers including Harrod’s of London, Aizel of Moscow, Isetan of Japan, Joyce of Hong Kong and Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Unfortunately, this PA is not near us, so we can not attend. But those of you in PA should make sure to check it out, it is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

Miu Miu Napa Ribbons Frame Bag


I’m hit or miss on Miu Miu bags sometimes, but I think the Miu Miu Napa Ribbons Frame Bag is a total hit. it’s could be just the simple combination of purple nappa leather and ruffled ribbon detail that just make it. The top handle just adds also to the indisputably gorgeous design and has the ability to turn heads.

Available for $980 at Bergdorf Goodman

Irene's Tote bags

I am loving this pattern. I love that you use heavier fabric, so no need for lining. I love how fast and easy it comes together. (Still not on the SMS payroll!)

Anyway, the next night after making my first Classic Tote, I made two more! They are both a bit smaller than the original.

apple bag1

This is may be a teacher gift, but I am hurting looking at my bad sewing in this! It's a bit smaller than Irene's original because it was made from... curtains. Yes, another great find from Target's clearance rack, only $3.24. If I pick all the seams out for maximum yardage, I am hoping to get 3 more bags from this one set of curtains! I like the pencil pocket on the front.

fish bag

Here is a bag for my three-year-old son. I was rummaging through the stash, thinking he wasn't paying attention, but when I pulled this fabric out, he said, "I want that one." Made over from a little curtain I had made to hide the cat box in our old house (yes, it's been thoroughly washed). This bag is quite a bit smaller, and the pocket is divided to hold four pencils.

Show us your bags!

Bag Specification

Code: 80113
Length: 29 cm
Height: 17 cm (with handle: 34cm)
Width: 8 cm
Color: White/Green/Yellow/Gold

Chloe chain link bag


Hey, so we've featured an almost identical bag to this one before (in a grey/green colourway) but this mauve one looks like a whole new bag in my opinion, with it's overload of chains and links, python trim and adventurine stone detailing. I am very much in Team Yay for this one (I was in Team Yay for the grey 'Yak' bag too) but are you? Vote below.

Dare to Dior?

I love to watch designers reinvent themselves. Actually, I will go as far to say they don’t need to necessarily reinvent themselves, but keep us on our toes. Over at Luxaholics, trendsetting and style watching is paramount. There are always certain celeb trends I’d love to be able to sport and of course there are others I could do without. Megs wrote about the Dior Medium Dior 61 Tote about a month ago. And in her post, Megs mentioned how the color of the bag was one of the best parts of it. Since then, we’ve seen countless celebs carrying this statement of a handbag around. But, let’s be honest, dropping $1,850 to get the look might not be an option.