Chanel large 2.55 flapover bags


I think the funniest thing about this TV personality's Brit Awards outfit is the fact that her dress came in at £35 from Littlewoods, yet her (big) accessory - the Chanel bag - would have cost many, MANY times that! Who is this thrifty (and pregnant) star?

Fendi Medium Patent Peek-A-Boo Bags

Fendi Medium Patent Peek-A-Boo Bag
My ultimate favorite handbag for the upcoming Spring season is the Fendi Peek-A-Boo bag in black patent. Everything about this handbag screams high fashion, gorgeous, and sophisticated.

The Fendi Peek-A-Boo handbag comes in a variety of colors but the most gorgeous one, in my opinion, is the black patent. The gold and silver hardware really stick out on the black version much more so than that of the other colors the handbag is available in.
Fendi Medium Patent Peek-A-Boo Bag
If you are not loving the Fendi Peek-A-Boo handbag in black patent, the handbag is also available in: Linen/Suede; Metallic Grey; Red Leather; Watersnake; and White patent. Each look fabulous, but none of them compare to the black version, as seen above.

Some features of the handbag include: a removable shoulder strap; protective metal feet; turn lock closures; and satin lining.

The Fendi Peek-A-Boo handbag is currently available to pre-order over at eLUXURY. The black patent version of the handbag retails for $2,590, but other the other versions of the handbag range between $1,930 - $5,740. The handbag may be a little pricey, but I’m sure this handbag won’t be around long.

There has been talk about the Fendi Peek-A-Boo bag for quite some time, and I’m sure as soon as they hit the market they will be gone in a flash especially the patent versions! Pre-order yours todat at eLUXURY.

Fendi exortic Peek-A-Boo Bag spring 2009 runway

Miu Miu fuchsia Matellase tote bags

38754_in_l.jpgAlison Yau writes...

Despite the fact that Valentine's has just passed and also the fact that this bag would've made the perfect gift, I couldn't resist writing raving about how wonderful it is.

It's no secret to those who know me as an avid collector of bags that I hope to own many, many designer bags in every colour known to man. Since I have yet to own a pink bag - or a Miu Miu - I immediately added this bag to my list of bags to buy since it would be like killing two birds with one stone. (I've been telling people for a few months that my next bag purchase will be a Miu Miu!). Even if you aren't the biggest fan of the colour pink, don't you just want to grab the bag and smoosh that leather?! It looks so incredibly soft! And if that doesn't sell it to you, how about the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap for those times when your arm gets tired of carrying this little beauty? Gorgeous and practical - what more could you want?

Chloe SBC Shopping Bags

See by Chloe SBC Shopping Bag
Here’s proof that even top fashion designers come up with the most horrid designs every once in a while. I say they’re purposely done for attention, and clearly, it’s working. This catastrophe known as the SBC Shopping Bag is for the See by Chloe line and lets just say that this is no candidate for the next IT bag. My first though was, what is going on here? My second, who would wear this? I can’t imagine the typical Bagista’s accessorizing with something so odd, and to you gals who are fans of this piece; good for you, as finding duplicates of this shopper seems nearly impossible!

The most interesting part of this has got to be the insanely high price tag of $595! Overpriced? Possibly. Although the exterior lining of choice turns out to be fine lambskin, in which we all know never runs cheap in the World of Fashion.

17” x 11.5” x 5.5” seem to be the dimensions to this bag and if your in search for out of the ordinary, the SBC shopper could be the one. Interested?

Faith BMichelle ribbon clutch purse


Aside from the bizarreness of Faith adding a 'B' in front of all their bag names (BMichelle? Huh?), this ribbon clutch makes all the sense in the world. Colourful, textured and fun, it is the perfect little purse for amping up your spring look.

I like that even though it's just a little wee clutch, they've had the forethought to provide a mobile phone pocket inside to keep it away from scratchy things like keys. Good work guys. And the large kisslock clasp and blue satin lining are both helping with the cuteness factor too.

Louis Vuitton + Prada

Designer iPhone Tech Cases: Louis Vuitton + Prada
If a fashionista owns an iPhone, chances are she wants a designer case to go with it. Fashion designers are making their mark in the cell phone world by bringing out high fashion accessories for cell phones including a iPhone cases.

Louis Vuitton and Prada are a couple of the designers getting in on the iPhone craze. Louis Vuitton has came out with six different iPhone cases, one of which is no longer available. The different lines of Louis Vuitton iPhone cases include: Monogram Canvas; Damier Graphite Canvas; Taiga Leather; and as pictured above, Epi Leather. Louis Vuitton also came out with a limited edition Monogramouflauge iPhone case, which sold out very quickly and can no longer be purchased. The Louis Vuitton iPhone cases run from $240-$290, but when the next price increase comes around I’m sure they will go up!

Prada has also got on in on the iPhone mania and has come out with a rather stylish case for the over popular phone. Although, the Prada iPhone case may be fashionable, it sells out rather quickly. The Prada iPhone case is available in a grayish metallic color and it is absolutely stunning. The iPhone case by Prada runs for $140, which is not a bad price for a designer phone case.

Louis Vuitton iPhone cases can be purchased at eLUXURY and Prada iPhone cases can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fifth Avenue does have the Prada iPhone available from time to time, but it does sell out quickly so be sure to check often.

tote bags by Mulberry


Very similar to the ones Mulberry did last year (obvious differences are the colourways and the actual print design) but I think this year's (again by Mulberry) LFW tote is waaaaaay sweeter. Unfortunately, these bags are for show-going media delegates and buyers (so I feel very lucky to have scored one).

But if your heart is set on obtaining a Fashion Week tote, then you might want to think about heading along to London Fashion Weekend (it starts Wednesday 4 March) and picking yourself up a Richard Nicoll-designed cotton tote packed with goodies. Happy Fashion Week!

Marc Jacobs Grainne Mackenzie Tote bags

Marc Jacobs Grainne Mackenzie
Can you guess who the designer of this piece is? It’s actually by Mr Marc Jacobs for his Collection line. Yeah, I would have never guessed it myself. It’s surprising to see Marc sketch out something so fresh and new compared to his typical works. The only “Marc” features I spot on this piece would be the supple quilted leather, and nothing more. The bold shades of violet are fun and the complimentary yellow stitching is eye-catching and really unexpected. When you think about it, so much commotion is going on in this single piece. Artistic abstract lines, giant knots, multicolor leather, dangling lock… tassels!

Some might agree that its details are too much, while others might agree that the collaboration of all is actually pretty impressive. This bucket like bag carries a 13.5” x 10.5” x 5” dimensions and an unusual name of Grainne Mackenzie, sounds sort of like a celebrity baby name wouldn’t you say. A bit too trendy for my taste, and the $1,750 price tag is nowhere near convincing. Ladies what’s your input on this piece, do you like this?

Magritte inspires Longchamp's It bags collection


Alison Yau writes...

Who said the 'It' bag was dead? Longchamp clearly don't agree! This cute bag proudly declares it's status for all to see: "This is an It bag". With a fashionable nod to Belgian artist Rene Magritte's famous painting The Treachery of Images, this bag is not only adorable, but has a hint of culture too.

And coming in a gorgeous orange colour (as well as cream), it is sure to turn heads like every good 'It' bag should! The Ceci Est Un It Bag collection comprises of five bags of varying sizes (from clutch to weekend bag) and a scarf, which even bears Magritte's famous pipe on it. 

New Designer Man Bags

New Designer Man Bags / Murses @ Saks
Man Bag, Mag, or simply Travel & Luggage. Whichever you choose to call it, men all around the world are preferring to carry their essentials in a roomier compartment other than their pant pockets. In my area, the messenger styled bag wins the popularity contest, and over at Saks (dot com), they carry even more styles to choose from.

Up first is the messenger styled bag, the Prada way. Prada presents their version as causal and definitely masculine. I really like the combination of Prada nylon with rich leather and the variety of colors are appealing, yet allow this piece to match with almost anything.

For the trendy man, Gucci presents their latest duffle in one of the hottest colors right now, Cobalt. It’s got double handles, vertical zippers, and silver tone hardware, and seriously, how striking is that hue!

Got a crave for logos? Gucci’s classic GG logoed duffle gets a makeover with vintage inspired orange/khaki/white leather trims. Luggage tag, removable strap, lock and keys are included with this piece.

Last but not least, the perfect accessory for Mr. Sophisticated. Yves Saint Laurent presents the Muse Travel Bag and wow is it gorgeous! It’s rich, large, and made of Buffalo leather. Yeah, I won’t be surprised if some of you gals pick this up for yourself… you know… to travel and stuff.

The Accessory Boutique purses


Hannah Kane writes...

For those of you who don't know me, I also write over at fabulous sister site Bridalwave, where in the name of research I stumbled across The Accessory Boutique - it occurred to me that it's perfect for any stylish brides to be!

They've got a huge selection of bridal handbags by designers such as Benjamin Adams, Pink by Paradox, G&L, Else and Belle (creators of the lovely "Diamond" Duchesse silk clutch pictured above, £39.95). There's also lots of top quality wedding shoes, bridal jewellery, hair accessories and stationery. Definitely worth perusing in your lunch hour!

Marni Slouchy Shoulder Bags

Marni Slouchy Shoulder BagLately, Marni has been going slouchy and I like it. Sure, growing up my mother, grandmother and various family members would always tell the kids, “don’t slouch”. Well, I’m going to go against that and tell the folks over at Marni to keep slouching their way into our hearts and our closets! A little while ago, Amanda brought you the Marni Slouchy Leather Bag. Although that bag received mixed reviews from our readers, I had to bring you another Marni bag. The Marni Slouchy Shoulder Bag demonstrates how a bit of asymmetry can actually work. The caramel slouchy leather with silver-tone hardware, shoulder strap, zip across the top and turnlock fastening all come together nicely. In a season full of bright, Bright, BRIGHT colors, it would be nice to add a neutral bag to your wardrobe.

Juicy Couture Tassel Free Style Medium Satchel bags

Juicy Couture Tassel Free Style Medium Satchel
Juicy Couture has come out with a new purse and it is called the Tassel Free Medium Satchel. Ironically, everything about the handbag is fabulous except the huge tassel that is featured on the handbag.

The Juicy Couture Tassel Free Medium Satchel has a different look to it than most satchels because of its rounded shape. The handbag also features a magnetic closure as well as numerous pockets in the interior of the handbag to keep all of your essentials organized. Only downfall about the bag, as mentioned above, is the huge, horrendous tassel on the front of the handbag. I believe the tassel doesn’t do the handbag any justice, but of course that is just my opinion. It also looks as if the tassel can’t be removed, therefore if you aren’t loving the tassel as much as I am, you would have to deal with it or pass on the handbag.

The handbag is made in four different colors: Amalfi Coast (blue); Black; Buttercup (yellow); and Dark Puddle Neutral (brown). Each color the bag comes in is absolutely gorgeous, but my ultimate favorite is the “Amalfi Coast.” Blue has been very popular for handbags this season, and the “Amalfi Coast” color of blue is breathtaking. The color is so beautiful, and is definitely a great color for the upcoming spring and summer season.

The Juicy Couture Tassel Medium Satchel is currently available at Nordstrom for $398, but only in the “Black” and “Buttercup” colors. The “Buttercup” color is also very beautiful and perfect for the upcoming seasons.

Prada's holey framed leather bags


Alison Yau writes...

Before I start typing, a little confession - I have slight trypophobia, which is a fear of holes. Looking at this Prada bag was a little uncomfortable, but I'm not entirely sure if it would be comfortable viewing if I wasn't so freaked out. Mainly because it ever-so-slightly resembles a rather strange looking block of cheese... maybe the type of cheese where maggots have bored into.

Anyway, besides this rather unusual looking exterior lies a very beautiful looking interior, showing that you should never judge a book soley on it's cover. I love how the frame of the bag almost resembles an accordian, and just imagining opening it is giving me shivers (of the good variety!). I also love how spacious it appears to be, with all those different sections so that you may never have to fumble around for a good five minutes, desperately trying to find your purse (how many times has this happened to me?!). 

Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bags

Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag in ViperIn commenting on one of my previous posts over on the Forum, our lovely member gacats mentioned a piece of classic style advice that I think many people (designers and fashionistas included) have totally forgotten lately: when dressing, always remove one accessory before leaving the house. It may sound a bit conservative to some folks, but it’s a great way to ensure that you don’t look like a fashion victim or someone wearing a costume. Now, if only certain bag designers would take that advice. Consider the Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag, for instance. There are things about this bag that I love - the leather looks so soft that I have the strange urge to rub it on my face, the bike-chain handle is a cool, industrial touch, as are the spikes at the handle attachment, and the overall effect is full of edgy-but-fashionable personality that could really do wonders for the average outfit. And then…there are the scorpions emblazoned on the front in silver studs. I know that’s sort of Thomas Wylde’s thing, with the random stuff depicted in studs, but I wish his look would evolve a bit and maybe become a little more subtle. This bag would still have attitude to spare without the bugs on it, and with them, it seems just a wee bit silly. Part of me also thinks it looks a lot less luxurious than it could - the scorpions break up all that delicious, wonderful, touchable leather. So, Thomas Wylde, please consider heeding some sage advice - next time you get the urge to put bugs on a purse, let it pass.

Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bags

Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bag
What do we have here? At first glance, one might mistake this bag for something off the Valentino or Prada runway. But guess again because this bag is actually made by (surprise!) Moni Moni. Introducing the Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bag.

This bag features beautiful petals, made of plush Italian leather, cascading down one side. The top layer of petals are hand painted with gold and white accents, giving them a more dimensional look. And like all Moni Moni handbags, the leather is washed and tinted to give it a vintage look.

Personally, I think this works exceptionally well with this bag. The petals look so soft and supple, just like the real thing! This bag truly is a work of art and would work well if someone was looking for a real statement piece. The best part is, you don’t need to be Paris to afford this bag either. It retails for only $675! Sweet!

Balenciaga latticed City bag


This bag looks a bit like it's been made up of a whole lot of leftover party streamers from the bash you had the night before. However, unsurprisingly, considering it's a Balenciaga City bag, it's not streamers but in fact latticed lambskin leather in shades of pink, green, blue, white and brown. Interesting colour combination and interesting "update" on the usually very classic City. Browns reckon it's great for summer - but what do you reckon?  

Pauric Sweeney Padded Patchwork Top Handle bags

So, the 1980s throwback trend is, like, a thing. I get that. I’m even a moderate supporter of it, when done correctly. The 80s were a time of excess and fashion-forwardness and questionable taste, and everyone loves that, right? Right. Except when it’s done like the Pauric Sweeney Padded Patchwork Top Handle, I don’t love it. At all. Not even a little. It kind of makes my eyes hurt to look at it. This isn’t just a winking reference to 80s ridiculousness - this is taking something that was already fug back then and making it more fug and more expensive 25 years later. And I, for one, am not fooled and not impressed. In order to do “retro” correctly, a designer has to somehow make it sleeker and more modern than it was to begin with, and there’s nothing about this bag that looks updated in the least. It wasn’t cute then, and it’s not cute now, sadly; it’s a retro-gone-wrong monstrosity. Even if this bag was given to me for free, I sincerely doubt I would wear it to anything but a costume party.

Gucci Replica Handbags

coach handbags
Shawn Burgy asked:

Gucci Replica Handbags:

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Anthropologie Bottomless Lake Bags

The Bottomless Lake Bag by Anthropologie could very well be functional and chic enough to carry through out the entire seasons to come. The beautiful deep-blue hue of this enormous Bottomless Lake Bag features one outer, three inner pockets and a zip closure. With 15" braided straps it measures 10.75x21.25x3.5, and sells for $288. It could very well be the best complete travel carry-all companion that I've seen yet.

Melie Bianco Handbags

Melie Bianco Handbag Sample Sale Online (mrach 3)
For one day only handbag designer Melie Bianco is teaming up with online sample sale site HauteLook for a 60% off handbag sample.

The brand Melie Bianco, by husband-and-wife team, are known for their budget-friendly handbags that are both seasonal and trendy. The colorful totes and over-the-shoulder bags combine durable faux-leather and vegan-friendly materials with of-the-moment shapes and designs.

River Island chunky clipframe purses


There's a lot going on with this little polka dot/floral/mock croc/giant kisslock purse. And yet it's not completely hideous - some would even call it 'delightful'. I'm afraid to say it, but I could be one of those people...

A great little number for taking with you on a beach holiday - it's bright, it's fairly cheap and you won't cry too much if you lose it (although you might cry if you lose a large sum of money inside). Definitely the place to carry your ice cream money.

Judith Leiber Heart N Soul Bags

Judith Leiber Heart N Soul Bag Every single person told me my wedding day would fly be. I listened to each of these people, believed them, but did not fully grasp this fact until it was the end of the wedding night with everyone on the dance floor chanting for one more song from the DJ. Just like that, my wedding day was over. I am super detail oriented so we took care of every tiny detail known to man. My mom and I had lists that had lists which had color-coordinated lists. I loved it all and I already miss it. I was lucky enough to carry the most amazing bag ever, but I found another bag that would be perfect for a wedding day bag. Fact of the matter is that my Hermes bag was absolutely more for looks than for usability that day. I toted my larger Lambertson Truex bag into the bridal room with me which had all the necessities.

Nancy’s Lucky Bags

Fashion Herald has a recent post about Lucky Bags. I’ve never owed one, or really seen anything that caught my eye until my beloved Nancy Botwin on Weeds started carrying around a beautiful slouchy hobo Lucky Bag. So of course now I want this bag so I can be just like Nancy (minus the selling pot part…).

UPDATE: I do have this bag!

Before I even had a chance to post this entry I happened to pop into the Filene’s Basement on Sixth Ave and there was Nancy Botwin’s bag in a black and white patchwork pattern. It was love at first sight and I bought it for far less than the listed price. So far it is a great bag with my only complaint being that it only has one pocket in the inside. (I know I sound like a broken record on the pocket thing, but seriously why can’t designers get this right?) I love how slouchy this bag is, the metal hardware, how comfortable it is to carry and most off all the patwork pattern in different shades of black and grey.

Picking the Appropriate Handbags

coach handbags
Priyanka Arora asked:

Handbags have a lot of usability and not merely for bringing essential belongings along on a trip. This small object can do a lot in showcasing the personality and sense of style of a woman. Among the leading brands that most women would want to own are handbags from Prada, Burberry, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Normally, purse is part of the outfit because it serves as an accessory, though they may be given much appreciation. But to those who make an effort to buy purse on leading brands may recognize the designer of the purse and may give out compliment on the pricey types.

Louis Vuitton handbags usually have designs which have brown color and having a checkered pattern which are very attention catcher. This is the most recognized and availed handbag. If you opt for a lighter brown shade, then you might want to have the tan colored Burberry handbag. The design of the bag is not the sole reason why women prefer to buy purse.

Men may be attracted to the purse that women carry. A gorgeous handbag may create a feeling of sexiness and confidence as well. Bags which are really eye catching are the ones with contains an astounding proportion, lines, shapes, attractive fabrics, and nice finishes.

It doesn’t really matter if women will avail a branded handbag or simple ones, what is important is to own a good style that will reflect the personality of the lady. Handbags create a good accessory more than a good pair of shoes.

The Lua Snake Clutch from Antoinette Lee Designs bags

The Lua Snake Clutch from Antoinette Lee Designs
The Lua Snake Clutch from Antoinette Lee Designs
Has this ever happened to you? You’re out at a nightclub having a great time, right? You’ve been dancing, drinking, chatting, etc. Then you suddenly realize you have set your clutch down somewhere and now have no clue where it might be. Part of it could be due to a drunken state of amnesia and part of it could be due to the fact that its very hard to keep tabs on something that isn’t attached to your body.

Well girls, I have the solution to your problem! Pictured above is the Lua Snake Clutch from Antoinette Lee Designs. It’s sleek, it’s shimmery, and it’s attached to your wrist! That’s right, this clutch comes complete with a bracelet that attaches you to your clutch. Now you can place your clutch on the bar and not have to worry about it being accidentally left behind.

I think that the idea, in itself, was a good one. I mean, who hasn’t walked off without their clutch at least once? Problem is, it kind of looks like you have some sort of pet reptile chained to your wrist. This clutch (with its chain and bracelet) should probably only be worn out of necessity (e.g. for someone who is really forgetful) rather than as a fashion statement. Personally, I think I would be sporting this little guy without its leash. What do you think?

The Lua Snake clutch is available in Gold or Bronze snake embossed leather. The clutch measures 15? X 6 1/2? and retails for $285. 

Francesco Biasia Sidney Bucket Bags

Just tell me, how cute is this Sidney Bucket Bag by Francesco Biasia:) Available in springy vibrant cotton and detailed leather, this adorable Bucket Bag measures 12.20x12.x20x7.48. It sells for $228 and comes in country, papaya, and vanilla. This Bucket Bag is the perfect combination to kick off that spring wardrobe. I am soooooo ready for warm weather, aren't you?

Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile Tote bags

Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile Tote
While browsing around Saks Fifth Avenue, on the search for some beautiful handbags, I came across the Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile Tote in Lavender and my is it stunning!

The Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile tote features two double top handles that have a 3 1/2 inch drop. My favorite detail of the handbag is the magnetic closure, which is always perfect for any handbag. A zipper closure in my opinion would not only ruin the style of the handbag but also make the handbag look a tad bit tacky.

The tote is actually made of rich crocodile, which explains the handbags’ hefty price! The Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile Tote retails for $3,350 at Saks Fifth Avenue. $3,350 is a lot of money for a purse, but compared to other designers that also sell exotic pieces it’s actually not that bad of a price. Hermes, for example, sells exotic pieces that can cost over $10,000.

If you are not too fond of the Lavender tote, the Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile Tote also comes in a black version, which is also absolutely beautiful. In fact, the black version of the tote is probably the more classier of the two. Whichever color you prefer, there is no doubt that the Nancy Gonzalez Large Crocodile is absolutely gorgeous.

Red studded bag with heart charm bags


Which model-slash-reality TV star was seen out and about while shopping in Los Angeles yesterday with this bright red studded bag which she matched with her red sunglasses and bright red talons? 

Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch bags

Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch

The tribal theme has caught on at Jimmy Choo and there are two accessories that not only look amazing together but also give a smashing effect. Pairing the Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch with the Jimmy Choo Corsica Sandals will make a bold impact. My attention has moved from the calming ivory and neutrals of my wedding theme to in-your-face animal prints. Opposite ends of the spectrum, sure, why not? Wear the perfect little black dress and add vavoom with your accessories, that is our motto here. This Jimmy Choo clutch appeals to my need for animal print. What I love most is the leopard printed pony is broken up in the middle of the bag with tan suede. This gives you the animal print you desire without going overboard. The clutch is zip expandable and is featured, along with the stunning shoes, in the SS09 Advertising Campaign.

Anya Hindmarch for Target bags

I was pretty impressed when I saw the images for the Anya Hindmarch bags for Target and tried to purchase one this past fall when Target had a number of pop up shops in Manhattan for Fashion Week. Sadly the pop up shop was so mobbed I didn’t even see any of these bags, let alone have a chance to purchase one, and after that I gave up.

So imagine my suprise a few weeks ago when I paid a visit to the Target in Queens Center and saw a whole rack of these beautiful bags. I went with the smaller bag and was finally able to give it a trial run last weekend and was quite impressed. The bag was the perfect size for wallet, make up, phone and keys and I liked the magnet on the front flap.  Although it came out a little plasticky looking in the above phones, the pleather on this bag in person looks much more luxe with the gold trim and gold Anya logo. Better late then never with this bag.

Making the Most of Replica bags

coach handbags
Timothy Spencer asked:

A replica handbag is one of the most beautiful pieces of creation in the world of fashion. Replica bags are simple yet elegant, stylish and smart, all at the same time. Thus, purchasing a replica bag can be a great investment especially if you wish to make a style statement without making too much effort. However, you should also follow a few things, if you wish to make the most of your priceless replica bags and replica handbags.

The best way to make an impression with a replica handbag is to choose a bag that best accentuates your style and personality. Don’t buy a particular replica bag or replica handbag just because it is supposed to be in fashion.  On the contrary a replica handbag can help you be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower if you pay attention to what you buy when shopping for a replica handbag. There are different varieties of replica handbags. A few of these varieties include replica louis vuitton handbags, coach replica handbags chanel handbags, designer bags and more. As the fashion in replica bags keep changing, different varieties are also added constantly. It is essential that you remain well versed with the replica handbag catalogue.  

Name Victoria Beckham’s Designer bags



Victoria Beckham is such a vision of color coordination, as was evident when she hit Barney’s with her kids a couple of days ago. Her hair matches the dark brown part of her chic minidress, while her highlights, handbag and even her glossy (and ever-pouty) lips match the primarily peachy-beige bits on the rest of the dress. The croc purse, which is just about as large as Posh herself, is understated yet striking with its natural hue and diminutive gold hardware. Though I can’t imagine carrying something so large while voraciously shopping myself to death at Barney’s, I’m intrigued by this purse’s elegance and glamorous simplicity. Any idea who the designer is?

Anthropologie Shiitake Shoulder bags

With a name like Shiitake, this urban style Shoulderbag by Anthropologie is a shoe-in for my 'it' list this season. The mushy leather of this shoulder bag is detailed in gold hardware, and carries with a single strap. Loaded with pockets, this taupe colored bag measures 15x15x3 and sells for $188. I just love Anthropologie, don't you?

Show Your Baby Style Off bags

It is baby mania time. Almost every family we know has someone who is pregnant and about to have a baby shower. In Hollywood, babies seem to be the real order of the day. Dozens of starlets either recently gave birth or will in the next few months. And don't get us started with all the celebs having twins all the sudden. There must be something in the water in Los Angeles!

Gingham Quilted Diaper 5 Photo Bag
Gingham Quilted Diaper 5 Photo Bag

If you have to be attending a baby shower soon or just want to be kind and give a gift, you can't really go wrong with our new line of diaper bags like this Gingham Quilted Diaper 5 Photo Bag. This is great not only for a new, first-time mom but also for someone who already has kids and wants to show them off. Or get it for a grandma in your life.

Gingham Quilted Diaper Photo Bag

If you think five slots to show off is too much, then try the Gingham Quilted Diaper Photo Bag which is similar but only has one large pocket to put a bragging photo in.

Gingham Quilted Photo Bag

If you need a smaller photo bag, try instead the Gingham Quilted Photo Bag.

All of the bags are roomy and come with ample carrying straps and can be had on sale for a limited time only.

The handmade wooden bamboo luxury designer bags

Not sure whether this is the proper name of the bag designer – or possibly Bamboo A? All I know if that you can buy these Japanese looking handbags (or possibly Thai or something?) online and that they are extremely good value for something so unique and with so much personality - plus I have no idea, but they might break easily, so it is only good that they are cheap. Don't know. Do they look sturdy to you?
Last time I was on holiday in Fuerte Ventura, I remember seeing some similar bamboo handbags and almost buying one, but I seem to remember that they were more expensive – or maybe I just had less money...
These bamboo handbags are made from only natural materials with differently coloured bamboo wood on the outside. Personally I prefer the handbags with no handle, but make your own mind up. At this price you can afford to buy more than one!
Bamboo handbags

Sang A Migration Travel Bags

migrationtravel.jpgWhen I travel, I carry a few essentials including a cashmere throw that invariably ends up sticking out of the top of my bag which always gets in the way of my wallet or passport. Sang A has solved this problem with a simple duffle that has twin straps to hold your favorite travel blankie, sweater or jacket. It seems so simple now that I think about it, why has no one thought of this before? Sang A is a well traveled woman and she is always thinking of ways to simplify her life as a busy working mother. She tells us: "Just as birds migrate South for the winter, people also need a warm escape. This bag is an essential tool for daywear and travel. I stuff my sweater and jacket in the loose twin straps to be hands free".
The Migration Soft Duffel with Twin Straps is my favorite from her Fall 2009 line. Available in soft sueded black python ($2,500) or calf skin leather trimmed in python ($1,800) in black or various colors. The Migration is not only a travel essential it's a functional daily bag if you have to run around after your tots and need your hands free! W. 14.5" H 9.25" D 8.5".

Botkier Moto Clutch bags

Botkier Moto Clutch
After Jennifer’s interview with Monica Botkier (read about it here: Handbag Designer Interview: Monica Botkier), there was discussion over at TBF about the possibility of a clutch version of the Trigger bag. Well I have good news for all of you that were curious, the Botkier Moto (Trigger) Clutch is finally here!

Here we have a longtime favorite style, wrapped up in a little clutch. Personally, I love the idea. But there’s a bit of a problem. The Botkier Moto Clutch is much smaller than I would have pictured it. To be honest, I was thinking magazine clutch. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. However, the Botkier Moto Clutch still turned out pretty cute nonetheless. And the mint green pictured here? Yummy!
Botkier Moto Purse
So if you’re looking for a small bag that can go from running errands to girls’ night out in the blink of an eye (the studded strap is removable), then this bag would make an excellent choice. Find the Botkier Moto Clutch at: Luna Boston, where it is available for pre-order. It retails for $375 and measures 9″ x 6″ x 1″.

Christopher Kane revives Versus accessories line with Donatella Versace bags

christopherkane_versace_versus_accessories2.jpgChristopher Kane has collaborated with his mentor, Donatella Versace, on the relaunch of the Versus accessories line.

The British designer has designed a capsule collection of handbags, footwear and jewellery, which was unveiled at Milan Fashion Week yesterday. Originally begun by Donatella's late brother, Gianni Versace, in 1989, Kane has referred to his work as "tough and glamour, effervescent and rock 'n' roll." 

Mulberry Creased Jenah Bags

Mulberry Creased Jenah Bag in TurquoiseI am, more or less, on board with the Mulberry Creased Jenah Bag. It’s on-trend in several ways - it has a chain strap, it’s a flap bag, and it’s smaller than the bags that we’ve seen in the past few seasons. It’d be a great addition to a spring wardrobe to satisfy a lot of the new bag looks in one package, theoretically. But the one thing that’s stopping me is…the color. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, because I can see where people would think it was pretty, but I just can’t do it. Pastels (and this is basically a pastel) are not good on me. I have yellow undertones in my skin, and it’s just not a particularly lovely contrast. Also, for some reason, wearing any kind of pastel makes me feel like an enormous, 5-and-a-half-foot-tall toddler. I’m willing to admit that this is probably a hangup that only I have, but until I see it in another color (a medium-to-mustard yellow would be nice, if you’re listening, Mulberry), I’ll have to pass.

Pietro Alessandro Smooth Leather and Croc Hobo bags

Pietro Alessandro Smooth Leather and Croc Hobo

This strikingly beautiful embossed croc Italian leather hobo by Pietro Alessandro makes a bold statement.The hobo’s Fuchsia.coloring gives it a edge. The hobo is large measuring 16″(wide) x 9″(high) x 2″ (deep) it should have enough to hold a lot of essentials and a few more items.Pietro Alessandro Smooth Leather and Croc Hobo is on sale for $209.60 originally $262.00 at eBags.Smooth Leather and Croc Hobo is also available in white.