“I Love Shoes” Tote Offer

Payless is sharing the love – shoppers can scoop up the versatile, reusable limited-edition “I Love Shoes” tote bag at just $5 with any purchase of $25 or more (available while supplies last). The bag is perfect for toting a favorite pair of shoes, back-to-school books, or groceries, while celebrating a universally shared passion – the love of shoes! If you want to purchase it at regular price, it is only $14.99.

Stylish Factor: This is the same tote handed out at New York Fashion Week this past February!

Impulse Buy

If you buy something on the spur of the moment, how soon afterwards do you regret the purchase?

My first response to that question would be if I spent more than I could afford for the bag.

However, one month ago I purchased a bag at Forever 21. It was the first time I went to the store and I saw a bag that was cute and cheap. Unfortunately, cute and cheap did not cut it. The bag has already fallen apart. I only used the bag a couple of times. When I pulled the bag from a pile I noticed that the buckle was broken. Later in the day I found a piece under my desk at work. Now I do not want to even look at the bag. I would rather spend more money on a bag that will last years, than buy something trendy and cheap.

NEW Handbags

Just a teaser of what is going to be new and exciting from Tracy Joy Inc in the next few weeks!

We will be launching a brand new website,
along with a few GREAT new products!
New products will include:
The REESE Camera and/or Diaper bag
The JULIE Purse
The JOEY Camera Bag, with detachable ERIN flap option
The ASHLEY Diaper Bag, with detachable flap
No longer a camera bag, but converted into a commuter LAPTOP bag!

Here is a sneak peek at the JULIE purse,
just to get your "fashion" taste buds watering...

Jimmy Choo Medium Tote bags

Jimmy Choo Monna Medium Tote
Got Choo? Since 1996, Jimmy Choo has been dazzling women with his gorgeous accessories. Although handbags were not added to the mix until a few years later, Jimmy Choo is practically a household name for bagistas around the world. I think what I find most appealing about the brand is the unique designs. Many Jimmy Choo styles are instantly recognizable just because they don’t look like anything else out there. Yep, Jimmy Choo never ceases to amaze. That is why I was so surprised, when I came across this handbag, to find that it was made by Jimmy Choo. Introducing the Monna Medium Tote. Yes, this bag is unique, with its expandable center gusset. But I would have never guessed that the creative mind behind this bag was good ol’ Mr. Choo. I’m not really sure how I feel about this bag, to be honest. I love, love, love the color (Neon Pink is new for the Resort 2009 Collection). And I also love the smooth leather and suede combination. But what is up with those extra zippers on the sides? If you ask me, those zippered pockets have placed this bag into the “overkill” category. What does everyone else think?

The Jimmy Choo Monna Medium Tote measures 14″ x 11″, making it a good size for use as a work tote. It retails for $1,735 (a bit pricey, I know). The new Neon Pink is currently available for pre-order.

Miu Miu Leather Bags

There are certain colors I just can’t get enough of. Gray is one of them. With so many different shades to choose from, gray is a color that can add anything from sophistication to edginess to your outfit. When I first came across the Miu Miu Diamond Leather Bag I didn’t think I saw anything too noteworthy. At first glance, I actually thought I was looking at a clutch. Yet, as I looked a little more, I noticed a few things. First of all, this is a handbag that can be carried as a shoulder bag which comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, or used as an oversized clutch. Then I found myself pleasantly surprised with the textured leather diamond patchwork and bows on each side. Doesn’t the handbag just look so soft? I have to say, I am definitely a huge fan of the external patchwork texture and internal satin lining combination. With many gray winter days approaching, this is definitely the kind of gray I wouldn’t mind holding on to. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,295.