Miu Miu Coral Stones Embellished Tote

Does it feel like it's Miuccia day? I can't recall ever bashing on Miu Miu; for some reason Prada's younger and much hipper sibling has never disappointed me. Take this tote in urban chic distressed leather for example, looks simple, right? Look closer, coral stone on the strap? How delightfully unexpected! Now this is something I can take to the park with my son and be glamorous but appropriate (okay, truth is I don't wear sneakers and jeans to the park-- I just wear what I usually wear which means I get stared and snickered at by other moms when I'm sliding down the slide with platform shoes on-- but do I care? Not really. I had lunch with a girlfriend the other day and told her I was thinking about signing my son up for soccer. She burst out laughing and said "You are not going to fare well with those soccer moms, just keep him in golf and tennis"!). Anyhoo, back to the bag-- the shoulder strap function has become important to me. I used to turn my nose up at the whole cross the body strap thing until I started traveling with a child. Trust me, you want both hands free when running around the airport! Let's see, 14"x14" is big but I think manageable for most people-- especially if you need to put your laptop in it or school books. Hum, what else do I need to tell you about this bag.... oh it's $1,550 but think about how functional a simple tote with a twist is and how long you'll be able to use it-- forever.Miu Miu at Net-a-porter.com

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