Prada Soft Calf Tote

Left: Pearl Ivory; Right: Silver

Is this boring? Maybe, but in this economy you have to go with practical and classic. Besides, isn't that why we all fell in love with Prada in the first place? For the clean simplicity? I love the big pleat detail and the subtle buckles on the side. But it's the colors that I am really in love with. Pearlized ivory and silver are so lovely for the winter and I don't need to point out the obvious fact that it goes with absolutely everything. The slight shimmer is just what you need for a bit of flash while staying perfectly neutral. It is kind of like nude lip gloss - you can't go nude nude unless there is some shimmer. I have been off Prada for a long time but their shoes is what got me back in favor and oddly, it is spilling over to the bags. I don't like the metal letters logo, I wish they would go back to the embossed logo but I am ok with it, I have to be, I have no choice. But I definitely draw the line at the "Prada" on their shoes, who the heck wants stuff written on their shoes? Tote available at Neiman Marcus for $1695.

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