Whitney Bag

When I first laid eyes on the Miss Sixty Whitney Bag, I felt somewhat nauseous. From a distance, it appears as though the bag is perforated. But upon closer inspection, I realized that this bag was actually made of faux ostrich. And when I saw this picture on Revolve Clothing’s website, I was impressed by how well the photographer made this bag look. Is it the lighting? I’m not really sure. To tell you the truth, the bag actually looks pretty good in the picture. But in real life, I’m not too impressed. For starters, this bag is made of polyurethane, not leather. I want to say that this bag is comparable to something from Nine West or Guess. So when I saw the price tag, I was floored. This bag retails for $228. That is a lot considering it is made of plastic. Therefore, I really can’t picture myself buying this bag (sorry, I just can’t help but love my leather handbags). However, it might be nice option for a vegan handbag lover. For you guys, the polyurethane might make an excellent selling point.
The Miss Sixty Whitney Bag is available in Navy. It measures 20″ x 14″ x 6.5″ and has a 7″ strap drop.

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