Design Your Own Handbags

Clover Company has come up with a
new way for crafters to make and design their own handbags - plastic templates instead of paper patterns! So far there are 2 different templates - The City Collection (6 handbag designs) and The Town & Country (6 handbag designs).

Town & Country Collection

The designs available for the Town & Country Collection include the Suburban Bag, the Suburban Plus Bag, the Metro Bag, the Metro Plus Bag, the Cosmo Bag, and the Cosmo Plus Bag.

Designs available for the City Bag Collection are the Portfolio Bag, the Portfolio Plus Bag, the Savvy Bag, the Savvy Plus Bag, the Chic Bag, and the Chic Plus Bag.

City Bag Collection

Henrietta's Handbags is now offering these 2 templates for only $19.95 with free shipping in the USA and Canada.

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