Alexander McQueen Camouflage Skull Rose Tote

For those of you who think that Alexander McQueen handbags might be a little too out there for your taste, I may have found a bag for you.

Looking at the name of the bag, I was wondering what was really meant by the word camouflage. Did it have to do with the colors, the design, some hidden meaning? It is not that McQueen camouflaged his genius or his innate ability to take design to the next level. Perhaps the word surrounds the idea that the bag is a bit more understated than most of us might be used to.

The Alexander McQueen Camouflage Skull & Rose Tote has understated beauty and edge written all over it. In fact, at first glance I barely noticed the skulls intertwined with the rose print design. The combination of rose and skull print on the canvas provides a great way to introduce femininity and edginess at the same time. Since the skulls aren’t as prominent as the roses, they do require a double take in order to be noticed. The canvas has wonderful brown leather trip and a great chain strap with 7″ drop. Everything works together in perfect harmony for a fabulous tote that would look good on the shoulder of so many women no matter what your taste may be! Buy through Saks for $930.

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