The Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag, $480 via Mr. Porter

The resistance to man bags that I most often hear from my straight male friends is that they’re too feminine and too expensive. I think that the “feminine” thing is totally BS – no one’s suggesting that a dude carry a purse, and stereotypically masculine options abound for anyone who’s concerned. Men have carried bags for ages, this isn’t some kind of new metrosexual trend we have here.

The price-consciousness, however, makes a little more sense. Most men aren’t used to the price levels of luxury goods, which is why the Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag is the focus of this week’s Man Bag Monday. With a non-fussy design and a price that rings up under $500, it’s the perfect gift choice for the boyfriend or husband who’s new to the accessories world.

$500 seems to be something of a psychological tipping point. Even men who are only passingly interested in what they wear can likely understand why a sizable, well-made leather bag that will weather daily use costs a few hundred dollars. This Marc by Marc Jacobs piece is neutral and modern without being obviously “designed” or too fashion-forward for men who might be experiencing some man bag trepidation; the brand marking is small and tonal, as is the hardware.

Not only that, but this design is fairly ageless. It has a note of youth to it, but it’s not so pronounced that a man well in to middle age couldn’t carry it without looking like a striver. With a reasonable price point and such a strong look, I can only wish that more MbMJ women’s bags were this well done. Buy through Mr. Porter for $480.

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