Carla Mancini Front Lock Clutch in Electric Blue bags

Thrifty Thrill: Carla Mancini Front Lock Clutch in Electric Blue!
“Blueish” handbags have been everywhere this Spring, and Carla Mancini was one of the designers who got in on the trend. Carla Mancini brought out a gorgeous handbag in cobalt called the “Front Lock Clutch.” The clutch is stunning, but it’s the color of the bag that really makes it stand out.

The “Front Lock Clutch”, as quoted from the description on Couture Candy, is a sophisticated medium sized clutch with a modern chain strap. The leather of the handbag has a distressed look, which makes it a great clutch for either day or night. Being that the handbag can be classified as either casual or dressy, you can wear it anytime of the day.

The handbag is made of 100% genuine Italian leather, and has a detachable chain. Since the chain can be taken off, it makes the handbag more versatile. You could wear this bag as a shoulder bag, or take the chain off and use it as a clutch. Whichever way you decide to use the bag it would look stunning, but in my opinion using it as a clutch it better. I feel the chain takes away from the bag a little, and distracts you from seeing the beautiful color of the bag.

Other details of the “Front Lock Clutch” include having interior apron pockets, matching lining, and a twist front lock.

You can purchase the Carla Mancini Front Lock Clutch at Couture Candy for $195. The bag is currently on sale, and no returns on this bag will be accepted. If you love this bag, I would purchase it quick! Being that the bag is available in a gorgeous color, and has a great price I’m sure it won’t last long!

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