Valentino Histoire Patent Tote bags


I wasn't into the Histoire even though it seemed like the whole world went bonkers over it. There was too much going on, the thickly braided handles, the same braided detail on the many pockets, all the features we too big like a cartoon character. But of course it was who propelled it into instant "it bag" status with the matching miniature version for *Sahara. But this tote is way more my taste. It still has bold details and the bright fuchsia in patent certainly adds an aggressive punch that screams to be noticed. Plus, it is a giant bag at 17" x 15". The little bit of the braiding detail is all that is needed, and the scrunched sides held together by simple buckles are way more appealing. It is open on top and is held closed by the cinching of the sides. I'm actually seriously digging this bag, it is the ONLY Valentino that has ever stirred me up. At Angelina JolieSaks Fifth Avenue for $1895. Also comes in black which is just as great, just less loud.

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