Prada Moss Tessuto Patch Shopper

Thrifty Thrill: Prada Moss Tessuto Patch Shopper
Look at what I ran into today. I would say this is yet another designer experiment to see if a product really sells for it’s quality or it’s brand name. Bright and Summery is Prada’s colorful Moss Tessuto Patch Shopping Tote.

It’s not your typical luxury Prada bag as this tote lacks the luscious Prada leather, shiny hardware, and the versatile, everyday theme. Instead, this bright shopper seems perfect for your spring/summer wardrobe, and that’s about it. This artistic crafted accessory carries an arrangement of moss green, pink, purple, yellow and white nylon patches, forming what looks like an irregular sun or floral design.

My question for the House of Prada is, who designed this and why? I apologize to any fans of this piece, but I don’t understand its concept. It’s too juvenile and way out of the ordinary. Plus for way less than the $796 asking price, I can find a handbag as bright and detailed as this shopper is. More details found on this Prada include an enameled link chain, and ID tag and a magnetic snap closure.

Measuring 18” x 13.5” x 6”, shop this funky Prada bag

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