Diane von Furstenberg Roberta Stud Wrap Baga

Diane von Furstenberg Roberta Stud Wrap Bag
Studded handbags have been everywhere lately, and Diane Von Furstenberg has gotten in on the trend with the Roberta Wrap Bag.

The Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Bag is oversized with a whole lot of studs all over it. There is a pleat at the front and back of the bag and a buttoned drawstring at the top of the bag. I think the exterior of the bag looks fabulous but the pleat’s and buttoned drawstring make the handbag look like a mess when you look inside. The picture of the inside of the bag on Shop Bop literally looks like a dark tunnel, but lets hope this is just bag photography.

Some other details of the handbag include: metal feet on the bottom of the bag; gunmetal hardware; double handles; lined interior; and interior pockets. The measurements of the handbag are, 12″H x 18″L x 5.5″D, making the handbag quite large for all of your stylish essentials. Of course, if you can find them through all that commotion that is caused at the opening of the bag.

The Diane von Furstenberg Roberta Wrap Bag can be purchased at Shop Bop for $600. Being that the handbag is beautiful and was made by Diane von Furstenberg, a high price was expected. If the opening of the handbag is a lot easier than it looks, then this handbag would be a great buy.

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