Gucci Original Backpack

I actually took a class on review writing in college. Yep, they teach you that in journalism school. If you’re lucky, anyway - it was pretty hard to get in to. We reviewed all kinds of things, from restaurants to plays, and did lots of exercises to make us better reviewers - things like reviewing oranges and writing TV show reviews the length of a Twitter message. And the one big takeaway I got from that class was this: reviews of things you like are hard to write. Reviews of things that suck? They write themselves.

Gucci Original Backpack

Which is why I feel like I’m cheating by writing about the Gucci Original Backpack. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I mean, look at this thing, y’all. It’s been out for a while, I’ve seen it in personal multiple times…and I just don’t think it’s cute. At all. It’s oddly shaped and confusing to look at and I haven’t wanted a backpack as a purse since mini-backpacks were in style when I was approximately nine years old. I had a pleather one, and I wore it to school very excitedly. But that was 1994, and this is 2009, and I feel like we should have progressed since then. Gucci is trying to hold you back - don’t let them! But if you must, Buy through Saks for $2590

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