Woven Boston bags

Bottega Veneta Woven Boston

Even great designers can do wrong. There are some designers who produce bags that I typically adore, and one of these brands is Bottega Veneta. But what happens when a bad look comes from a good brand? The Bottega Veneta Woven Boston is created with multicolor woven leather stripes against black trim. My problem is the overall look. It is too busy, too many stripes, and too much wasted luxurious leather on this concoction. I know, many of my choices in bags over the years have been questionable, and I have been known to love a crazy bag here or there, but this is just too forward and funky for Bottega Veneta in my mind. I expect timeless elegance and luxury from Bottega Veneta, not crazy colorful stripes all over their handbags. Furthermore, the bags stripes do not even match up when you look at it head on. And I am quite anal about lines being perfect and angles being proper, and this bag seems to defy logic to me. Am I being too harsh? Is this another beautiful design for a person with a more eclectic taste? This bag is available at Bergdorf Goodman for $5200.

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