Ashbury four-pocket hobo bags

New year, new bag: I am once again on the hunt for a new everyday bag. I’m looking for pretty much the same thing I always look for: a city commuting bag that is easy to carry and can hold everything. And I mean everything, such as my lunch, my 5 lip balms, my 3 forms of SPF and my Netflixes that I meant to mail but got stuck at the bottom of my bag. Bonus points for pockets that keep me organized. I need easy access to my Metrocard, building pass, and cell phone. I need a good place to keep my keys so they don’t get lost and a pocket to tuck away my digital camera. In short, it is a tall order, I am very picky and there are few bags out there that are designed with this much thought.

The first potential bag that caught my eye is the Ashbury four-pocket hobo from Banana Republic. Of course the four front pockets were a big draw since I like to be able to easily find all my crap. And it looks like a well constructed bag that would last forever and would only look better with use.

Yesterday while shopping in Herald Square at 34th Street I stopped by the local Banana Republic to check out the bag in person and I was surprised to see that it actually seems larger in person then on the site. Also on the site the bag looks like it is the shape of a rectangle, but in person it was more of a triangle which I didn’t really like since it looked more slouchy then professional.

The hunt continues!

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