Givenchy l Tejus Handle Medium Nightingale

I've wanted a Givenchy Nightingale ever since the style first came out a few season ago and subsequently seen on Reese Witherspoon, among other celebs. I even made it a point one winter to make a trip up to NYC just so that I can go to Barneys and spend some quality time with several versions of the Nightingale, modeling self in front of the mirror (eventually, I had to leave, empty-handed). I have not been able to bring one home yet (the hopeful "yet" is what gets me through the day, ladies), and though it seemed for a while that Givenchy was taking the style to some strange direction, I am happy to report that this latest Tejus Handle Medium Nightingale is just as beautiful as the first versions with which I fell in love.

Though I fear I would quickly dirty up a pristine white bag such as this, I can't help but wanting one, especially because of the punchy Tejus handles, a type of lizard skin. I think this bag epitomizes the type of logo-free chic many of us want to achieve nowadays, owing to its free form and simple yet elegant design. The removable shoulder strap extends long enough to tuck the bag under the shoulder, but not so long as to be able to wear it across the body (believe me, I tried it during my multi-hour visit at Barneys, to humorous and embarrassing result). Inside the bag is pretty austere too, with one zipped pocket and a couple of open pockets for cell phone, etc. Measuring in at
12.5" H x 19" W x 6" D, the Nightingale should hold a wallet, book, small water bottle, and perhaps even a make-up bag comfortably, though as I keep telling myself, one should not stuff a bag just because everything fits inside. I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to fork over $1,995 and actually own one of these babies, but I really hope Givenchy continues to produce this style and experiment with more colors and exotic leather (oops, not necessarily advocating animal cruelty or anything). For a brief history on Givenchy, travel back in time and check out my post on the Givenchy Clarabelle.

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