Green Leafy Rootote

Well even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another bag while I am semi-unemployed I couldn’t resist this bag that I stumbled across in Sweet Charity a store located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. While I was buying it the shopgirl told me it was the last one!

Although I tend to tire easily of totes (not enough pockets, everything falls to the bottom) this bag charmed me with the natural color and leaf prints. As a bonus, when I got home I noticed a sentence in French across the top: Le Bonheur est a ceux qui savent rire. Thanks to the magic of Babelfish I learned this means something close to: Happiness stays with those who laugh.

The bag is called a Rootote by Super Planning Co because of a small zip up side pocket where I keep my four different kinds of lip balm. The three pockets inside are perfect for my wallet, phone and nano. I do wish their was a fifth pocket for my camera, but I guess I can always sew in another pocket if I really need it.

And I noticed when I got home that the style of the leafy print on the canvas tote almost matches my sheets. Now that’s coordination.

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