Mistress of Naplak bags

I just love that crinkled texture! A cousin of the traditional patent, naplak is of a similar method by which a plastic coating is heated to adhere onto a fabric surface. The effect looks less uniform as if the process was done by hand versus a machine. The “distressed” look of naplak has been wholly embraced by high-end designers as it miraculously transforms any form of accessories into something modern and street-smart. Goldenbleu was on the bandwagon a loooooong time ago, and I am a big fan of Rene Huber’s designs. Her bags ring very Old World classic without being stodgy or stuck in a time-warp. It’s still a relatively new brand. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, you may think the prices are a little bit on the high side for such a green label. BUT, if you have ever seen or even own one, you will understand that these bags are made to last beyond this season. They are well-crafted and heavy, as the hardware and the heft of the thick suede inside can load you down even with just a wallet and pen inside. In fact, that suede lining can be very well used as an exterior of a handbag (it’s that substantial). Even with the weight, do consider. Hey, many have heavier bags (ummmm…Chloe?), and the love is still there.

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