Stuff Your Bag, Save A Life

As though I needed any more excuses to buy big handbags, then stuff it with everything I own, it turns out they can also double as a bulletproof shield and save your life, too. No joke.

When a gunman fired a shot at Elizabeth Pittenger during a robbery attempt, it was her over-sized, overstuffed handbag that saved her life.

Seriously. Watch.

MSNBC further reports, "Pittenger had to get a new handbag, as the one she was carrying has been kept as evidence, along with the destroyed calculator, the umbrella with a shattered handle and the sunglasses case with a bullet impression in it."

Ummm...Marc Jacobs, I think maybe you should send this girl a new handbag. She deserves one, don't you think? ;) If I were Dolce and Gabbana, I would also throw in a new pair of sunglasses, too! Sure, fighting an armed robber may not have been the best idea, but she's got a second chance in life, all thanks to her bag.

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