This bag is huge!

This bag is huge! The Kate Spade Waverly Place Noel Olivia was one of the new bags I spotted when I was in town last week. Retailing for $250, this 100% coated cotton canvas bag features Kate's signature jacquard Noel print and has buttons on the side, that allows one to either 1) fold-in the bag (shown above) or 2) leave it unbuttoned to make it more roomy. Either way, this is great for those art-school types who need to lug around supplies and portfolios to campus on a daily basis. Also great for those who shop too much on any given day and need something to hold everything in.

If this is too big, there is the smaller but taller Kate Spade Waverly Place Eddie that also comes in Red, as well as Black and that retails for $220.

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Inès said...

Yhanks for your e-mail!!! I really like your blog.....lovely bags