Marc Jacobs Grainne Mackenzie Tote bags

Marc Jacobs Grainne Mackenzie
Can you guess who the designer of this piece is? It’s actually by Mr Marc Jacobs for his Collection line. Yeah, I would have never guessed it myself. It’s surprising to see Marc sketch out something so fresh and new compared to his typical works. The only “Marc” features I spot on this piece would be the supple quilted leather, and nothing more. The bold shades of violet are fun and the complimentary yellow stitching is eye-catching and really unexpected. When you think about it, so much commotion is going on in this single piece. Artistic abstract lines, giant knots, multicolor leather, dangling lock… tassels!

Some might agree that its details are too much, while others might agree that the collaboration of all is actually pretty impressive. This bucket like bag carries a 13.5” x 10.5” x 5” dimensions and an unusual name of Grainne Mackenzie, sounds sort of like a celebrity baby name wouldn’t you say. A bit too trendy for my taste, and the $1,750 price tag is nowhere near convincing. Ladies what’s your input on this piece, do you like this?

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