Sang A Migration Travel Bags

migrationtravel.jpgWhen I travel, I carry a few essentials including a cashmere throw that invariably ends up sticking out of the top of my bag which always gets in the way of my wallet or passport. Sang A has solved this problem with a simple duffle that has twin straps to hold your favorite travel blankie, sweater or jacket. It seems so simple now that I think about it, why has no one thought of this before? Sang A is a well traveled woman and she is always thinking of ways to simplify her life as a busy working mother. She tells us: "Just as birds migrate South for the winter, people also need a warm escape. This bag is an essential tool for daywear and travel. I stuff my sweater and jacket in the loose twin straps to be hands free".
The Migration Soft Duffel with Twin Straps is my favorite from her Fall 2009 line. Available in soft sueded black python ($2,500) or calf skin leather trimmed in python ($1,800) in black or various colors. The Migration is not only a travel essential it's a functional daily bag if you have to run around after your tots and need your hands free! W. 14.5" H 9.25" D 8.5".

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