Ra Creation Fringe Bags

Ra Creation Fringe Bag
Straight from the Stone Age and available to you is this newbie by Ra Creations, meet the Fringe Purse. I’m stunned at how this name brand piece happens to be so themed, as if this was meant to be a souvenir for a museum gift shop.

It’s awkward, unimpressive, and incredibly outdated. Each to his own, but is their any Bagista’s out there that would proudly sport this? It would make a great addition to your cave woman costume but other than that, I can’t picture this becoming the next IT bag.

If you’re interested, do keep the dimensions and shape in mind, as it seems almost too compact for carrying everyday essentials. For $154, (yup, that’s what the price tag reads), you get a pouch with drawstrings, fringe, beads, feathers and a giant tooth charm that you simply cannot miss. Wear it on the shoulder or across your body, but one thing for sure is that I can make a similar version at home for a lot less than $154! …Not that I’m looking forward to anyways.

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