Chloe SBC Shopping Bags

See by Chloe SBC Shopping Bag
Here’s proof that even top fashion designers come up with the most horrid designs every once in a while. I say they’re purposely done for attention, and clearly, it’s working. This catastrophe known as the SBC Shopping Bag is for the See by Chloe line and lets just say that this is no candidate for the next IT bag. My first though was, what is going on here? My second, who would wear this? I can’t imagine the typical Bagista’s accessorizing with something so odd, and to you gals who are fans of this piece; good for you, as finding duplicates of this shopper seems nearly impossible!

The most interesting part of this has got to be the insanely high price tag of $595! Overpriced? Possibly. Although the exterior lining of choice turns out to be fine lambskin, in which we all know never runs cheap in the World of Fashion.

17” x 11.5” x 5.5” seem to be the dimensions to this bag and if your in search for out of the ordinary, the SBC shopper could be the one. Interested?

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