Prada's holey framed leather bags


Alison Yau writes...

Before I start typing, a little confession - I have slight trypophobia, which is a fear of holes. Looking at this Prada bag was a little uncomfortable, but I'm not entirely sure if it would be comfortable viewing if I wasn't so freaked out. Mainly because it ever-so-slightly resembles a rather strange looking block of cheese... maybe the type of cheese where maggots have bored into.

Anyway, besides this rather unusual looking exterior lies a very beautiful looking interior, showing that you should never judge a book soley on it's cover. I love how the frame of the bag almost resembles an accordian, and just imagining opening it is giving me shivers (of the good variety!). I also love how spacious it appears to be, with all those different sections so that you may never have to fumble around for a good five minutes, desperately trying to find your purse (how many times has this happened to me?!). 

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