Louis Vuitton + Prada

Designer iPhone Tech Cases: Louis Vuitton + Prada
If a fashionista owns an iPhone, chances are she wants a designer case to go with it. Fashion designers are making their mark in the cell phone world by bringing out high fashion accessories for cell phones including a iPhone cases.

Louis Vuitton and Prada are a couple of the designers getting in on the iPhone craze. Louis Vuitton has came out with six different iPhone cases, one of which is no longer available. The different lines of Louis Vuitton iPhone cases include: Monogram Canvas; Damier Graphite Canvas; Taiga Leather; and as pictured above, Epi Leather. Louis Vuitton also came out with a limited edition Monogramouflauge iPhone case, which sold out very quickly and can no longer be purchased. The Louis Vuitton iPhone cases run from $240-$290, but when the next price increase comes around I’m sure they will go up!

Prada has also got on in on the iPhone mania and has come out with a rather stylish case for the over popular phone. Although, the Prada iPhone case may be fashionable, it sells out rather quickly. The Prada iPhone case is available in a grayish metallic color and it is absolutely stunning. The iPhone case by Prada runs for $140, which is not a bad price for a designer phone case.

Louis Vuitton iPhone cases can be purchased at eLUXURY and Prada iPhone cases can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fifth Avenue does have the Prada iPhone available from time to time, but it does sell out quickly so be sure to check often.

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