The handmade wooden bamboo luxury designer bags

Not sure whether this is the proper name of the bag designer – or possibly Bamboo A? All I know if that you can buy these Japanese looking handbags (or possibly Thai or something?) online and that they are extremely good value for something so unique and with so much personality - plus I have no idea, but they might break easily, so it is only good that they are cheap. Don't know. Do they look sturdy to you?
Last time I was on holiday in Fuerte Ventura, I remember seeing some similar bamboo handbags and almost buying one, but I seem to remember that they were more expensive – or maybe I just had less money...
These bamboo handbags are made from only natural materials with differently coloured bamboo wood on the outside. Personally I prefer the handbags with no handle, but make your own mind up. At this price you can afford to buy more than one!

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