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Priyanka Arora asked:

Handbags have a lot of usability and not merely for bringing essential belongings along on a trip. This small object can do a lot in showcasing the personality and sense of style of a woman. Among the leading brands that most women would want to own are handbags from Prada, Burberry, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Normally, purse is part of the outfit because it serves as an accessory, though they may be given much appreciation. But to those who make an effort to buy purse on leading brands may recognize the designer of the purse and may give out compliment on the pricey types.

Louis Vuitton handbags usually have designs which have brown color and having a checkered pattern which are very attention catcher. This is the most recognized and availed handbag. If you opt for a lighter brown shade, then you might want to have the tan colored Burberry handbag. The design of the bag is not the sole reason why women prefer to buy purse.

Men may be attracted to the purse that women carry. A gorgeous handbag may create a feeling of sexiness and confidence as well. Bags which are really eye catching are the ones with contains an astounding proportion, lines, shapes, attractive fabrics, and nice finishes.

It doesn’t really matter if women will avail a branded handbag or simple ones, what is important is to own a good style that will reflect the personality of the lady. Handbags create a good accessory more than a good pair of shoes.

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