Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bags

Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bag
What do we have here? At first glance, one might mistake this bag for something off the Valentino or Prada runway. But guess again because this bag is actually made by (surprise!) Moni Moni. Introducing the Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci Lilies Bag.

This bag features beautiful petals, made of plush Italian leather, cascading down one side. The top layer of petals are hand painted with gold and white accents, giving them a more dimensional look. And like all Moni Moni handbags, the leather is washed and tinted to give it a vintage look.

Personally, I think this works exceptionally well with this bag. The petals look so soft and supple, just like the real thing! This bag truly is a work of art and would work well if someone was looking for a real statement piece. The best part is, you don’t need to be Paris to afford this bag either. It retails for only $675! Sweet!

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