Anya Hindmarch White Wicker Chair Clutch bags


This clutch from Anya Hindmarch reminds me my childhood in Taiwan (stop scrunching your nose-- look closely at the woven leather detail-- it is unique and different from most weaves). I have fond memories of sitting on white wicker chairs while my grandmother tended to her orchids (she had a greenhouse full of the most amazing orchids). I'd wait impatiently for her to finish in order to have cookies and tea with me. I remember always having wicker print on the back of my little legs by the time she was done but I dared not complain for fear she wouldn't give me cookies! But back to the clutch, the wicker weave is made of woven calf leather strips which gives it so much depth and interesting texture. Lined in cotton and trimmed in calf leather, this is truly the perfect summer clutch for luncheons, weddings, and anything else you can think of. Available in both tan or white but I prefer the all white version. It looks crisp and refreshing, the way a summer bag should.

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