Gryson bags For Target 2008

Gryson For Target 2008
Gryson For Target 2008
For those of you that are a fan of Gryson bags, but not their prices, there is a new collection in collaboration with Target that will soon be making it’s debut in select stores. The artist behind the label, Joy Gryson, has teamed up with Target to create a line of handbags that are inspired by her designs and are super affordable with prices ranging from $19.99 to $49.99. Get ready to mark your calendars because Gryson for Target 2008 will only be available in stores from April 6 to June 23 this year.The bags featured in the new line for Target include influences from common traits seen in Gryson’s main collection. These include woven detailing, optional straps, and braided handles. Also, the colors that are mainly used are green, blue, white and black.

Personally, I think that there are two sides to this. First, it is a great idea for those that love Gryson’s designs but can’t afford the price tag, which usually starts around $500 or so. This will allow purse lovers to carry a designer inspired bag that’s not actually inspired, but branched from and less expensive than the original label. And that brings me to the next side.

But what about Gryson owners? How will they feel about this designer lowering the status and cost of their label for Target, which is comparable to Walmart, for example? I have a feeling that perhaps some who own bags by Grsyon might not be particularly thirilled on the partnership with Target. Though these Target based bags are for a limited time only and will not remain in stores as a permanent line.

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