Louis Vuitton Travel Shopper Rider bags

Louis Vuitton Travel Shopper Rider
I usually love any handbag that is in Pink. It can be any shape, size, and by any designer I will love it. Today, I’m not loving a certain Pink handbag and this particular handbag is actually by my ultimate favorite handbag designer. The handbag I am referring to is the Louis Vuitton Travel Shopper Rider, and I am not loving it at all. Louis Vuitton has been credited to making many beautiful and fabulous handbags but the Travel Shopper Rider looks like a walking advertisement with a hefty price. All the Travel Shopper Rider is, is a shoulder bag with “Louis Vuitton” and various Louis Vuitton locations imprinted on the bag in bold letters. What is even worse about this handbag is the price! For a handbag that is used for nothing but showing you wear a designer handbag and advertising for them it is quite expensive. Not only are you not getting paid to advertise a not so beautiful handbag, but you are paying $1,940 for it! If you have the extra cash to spare, I suppose the Louis Vuitton Travel Shopper Rider would be a lovely handbag to add to your collection. But if you want to splurge on a Louis Vuitton handbag that won’t be available for long, I would say the Travel Shopper Rider isn’t the best choice of handbags to pick.

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