Miu Miu Oversized Metallic Clutch bags

Miu Miu Oversized Metallic Clutch bags,Before writing this I realize that I may give you all the impression that Vlad and I are nothing other than bumps on logs. Not the case, but I am well aware that it may come off that way. Upon first glance this clutch screams ‘take me with you on new Year’s Eve!!’. And then I thought to myself, what is it that we will be doing on New Year’s Eve this year? And then I thought about what we have done years prior, which has been truly mellow and involves a very small group at home. And then I felt lame. But I must say that for the past two years we have had horrible jet lag each time. Either way, that is neither here nor there, as this year we are going out with close friends of ours! And what will I wear?!

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