Gucci Charlotte Hobo


Today is all about reminiscing, I guess the end of the year will do that to you. This Gucci bag is almost identical to the first Gucci bag I owned and loved, it was this same structured hobo with the thin strap, no logo (this has the GG embossed on the leather on the lower part) but it was suede and I used it with dedication because back in those days, even though I had multiple bags, I stuck to just one. But with a bag like this, you only need one, I even went out clubbing with it and it stayed on my shoulder, at my side without falling or annoyance. The straps are adjustable so anyone can have the perfect fit and the scooped top conforms perfectly. It is also the ideal size, 15" x 10" - carries everything but the shape deceives its size so you don't look like you are actually carrying everything. I don't even mind the subtle GG embossing, the upgrades like the easy overlapping closure, adjustable and colors make up for that. Of course, I would get it in the amazing light gray blue because I am not looking for the ONE bag, but this ashy brown is the ultimate if you are looking for THE ultimate.

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