Valentino Garavani’s Tributary handbags

Valentino Petale Dome Bag

Admittedly not the most original, but the huge bursting rose on a handbag is unequivocally tantalizing, making the heart beat faster, the palms get sweaty, and thoughts of taking the pocketbook out for some major spending. Yes, it looks very much like the larger and maturer version of YSL’s Nadja, or more aptly, as if Nadja and the Muse had a child, and all their best qualities were passed down. It boasts top handles and a shoulder strap for when you want to carry more then your personal effects. The soft, smooshy leather is played up by the ruffles-cum-petals. Yes, yes, I know, it’s just not original to make it an iconic handbag…..but, isn’t imitation the highest form of compliment to an old friend (albeit it’s also a nod to Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati), and so that should be good enough to garner YOUR approval, yeah? Clocking in at about $2,400, it is available on pre-order at Neiman Marcus. Bold and feminine, austere and artful, roomy yet dressy….it’s quintessential Valentino.

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