Hayden-Harnett for Target bags

Speaking of fab Target collections,  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hayden-Harnett collection could be the best ever. Every bag from the collection looks fantastic. The bags hit the store on Dec 28th, so I’m going to make sure I have some money left over after all my Christmas shopping.

The above bag is the one I have my eye on for a new everyday commuting bag. I almost bought the original version from HH a few years ago when I was on the look out for a light weight bag. Now I’m glad I waited. Here’s hoping the pocket situation in the Target version is the same as the original version.

PS how fantastic is the Sonia Leather jacket?

UPDATE: I just checked the Target website and the Hayden-Harnett bags are availble to order! I placed my order for the sure to be fabulous Canvas Flight tote  in Purple/Gold and I threw in the Thakoon Zip Back top in Ebony/Purple for good measure so I can pretend to be Michelle Obama. I’ll probably swing by my local Queens Target after New Year’s to check out the rest of these collections in person, but I wanted to get my order for my “Must Haves” in ASAP since both collection are sure to be flying out of stores.

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