Carlos Falchi Python Microfiber Metallic Tote bags

carlosfalchi_metallicpython.png OK, yeah, it's only been a day and I'm already going to break my resolution. This is not a collection worthy bag but hey, a girl has got to have fun, right? If you need to buy a whimsical bag for drab days and then pass it down to your teenage cousin when you're sick of it, you can do so with this for only $220!! Totally worthy of a throw away bag, this metallic purple alone holds enough virtue to justify the cost!! It is printed microfiber and if you think that that is cheesier than printed python on leather, well, you are right but you are wrong if you think that's a bad thing cuz two wrongs make a right in this case. It is so overly cheesy, like the jelly birkins, that it is actually edgy and cool. Besides, who cares? You get some attention, scoot around town with a flashy bag and all without sweating your wallet. It comes in bronze and silver but this purple is the ONLY one that is cheesy fab.


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