Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Patent Baguette bags

For all you gals facing extreme winter weathers, I feel for you all and hope that warmer days approach your way soon. Designer handbags sporting bright bold colors are popping up everywhere, and if your not spring/summer ready yet, here is something extra fun brought to you by Giuseppe Zanotti, meet the multicolor patent convertible baguette. Just like a brand new tub of fruit Sorbet ice cream, the hues found on this bag are just as admiring. As I keep on gazing at this piece, I am definitely tempted to make an evening drive for a cup of sorbet, although I’m not sure if I’m craving this handbag myself. Somehow, I find this baguette to be a bit too flashy for my taste, and that’s coming from a person who owns two Vuitton Multicolore handbags… (Strange, I know)! If this were a bit muted, say with a neutral background, I’d probably consider it; then again as I obtain a visual thought of that, I’m not sure if it would look as great after all. Ladies, what’s your input on this baguette…fun or too juvenile? Measuring in at 9” x 5” x 2”.


varun said...

nice stuff!!Shawls and Scarves

xinxin said...

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