YSL Muse Travel Bags

The Muse is as hot as ever and although it already came in an oversize size, this is taking it to the next level as a travel bag. And I'm sure some girls will use it as an everyday bag. It's always those tiny girls who love the big bags! Go figure. I love this travel edition, but only as a concept and fantasy because for me, anything that weighs more than 10 lbs needs wheels. And it's 24"W X 14"H, to give you an idea of how big that is, 24" is approximately the width of my refrigerator! It is also in Buffalo, which means this thing weighs a ton empty. I guess it is great for overnighters or car trips so if someone did want to get this for me for Valentine's or my birthday, I would be a very happy and appreciative wife ;-) However, if you're serious, make sure to take a closer look at my Valentine Wish List, which also acts as my Birthday Wish List =) I am having issues with the price though, not sure if $2295 is a smart investment for a bag that will be thrown around and thrashed. And if you have to be all careful and precious, it just makes traveling more stressful and who needs that?

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