Swarovski Embark Tote Bags

So someone over at Swarovski headquarters had a rather odd idea when it came to a new handbag design. They really took the concept of compact and portable to a whole new level. Imagine a wallet-size cloth article, containing a zip pouch and an exterior transparent pocket to insert pictures in. Surrounding your picture of choice would be a collage of sparkly Swarovski crystals… how cute, right? Personally, I won’t be adding this to my wish list, but maybe my senior neighbor who holds a passion for canvas totes with pictures would be delighted by this piece. So it’s called the Embark Tote Bag for a reason since you can unzip this compact piece and out unfolds a parachute cloth tote, how neat is that! Well, this concept isn’t so new to the world of portability, hence the invention of the compact umbrella and the pocketsize raincoat, but in the world of handbags this is definitely … different. Tan hued body with fluorescent pink trim is the only version available at the moment and finding this piece on the sales rack indicates that this wasn’t as cool as it was intended to be.

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