Chloe Ring Around Hobo VS Jimmy Choo Saba

If you like the Saba, which I do but if you are having the same resistance to the price that I'm dealing with, you should consider the See by Chloe Ring Around Hobo. OK, fine, it's not the same and I do not believe in look-a-likes and knockoffs but this is more of a similar look and feel rather than an exact copy. What I love about the Saba is the super loose hobo shape, which the See by Chloe has. The bracelet rings, it is a bit too close for comfort - that is the only part about the similarity that really bothers me. I can actually do without them but then again, without them, the bag is a basic blob. As you can tell, I am not totally sold but this is just an example of how you can get the same type of look from a real designer without throwing down the big bucks. Last season the Saba went to 30% off, which was not enough, maybe this season it'll be 75% off like with everything else these days. Both at Saks Fifth Avenue, See by Chloe Ring Around Hobo for $595 and Jimmy Choo Saba Animal Hobo for $2195.

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